Fall 2017 Weddings!

Apparently spring is creeping up rather than springing upon us this year, & while it is hard to imagine bypassing spring & summer it is time for us to get serious about fall!  By now you have your bridal party accounted for, vendors selected, & party pants ready for the big day!  But, before you can say your “I do‘s”, you have to make one more commitment… & that’s to your color scheme.

Our favorite way to stay up to date with upcoming color trends is through pantone.com.  Here you will find the hottest trends for every season, & even know the highest trending color of the year, which  you can see here!


We LOVE the mixture of pastels & deeper purples & blues coming into play this fall, and hope to see how you use these colors for your fall wedding at Lesner Inn!


Echard Wheeler Photography

The Under $10K Club: hosting a wedding at Lesner Inn for $10,000 or less!

Being one of the top wedding venues in the Hampton Roads area, we see couples walk through our doors with budgets & guest counts all over the spectrum!  One of the most difficult tasks when working with these couples is reminding them to be realistic when it comes to their menus & guest count.  Thankfully, we’re experts on that particular subject & know how to work the system.  That’s why we’ve put together a few of our favorite examples of what a wedding at Lesner Inn can give you & your guests for $10,000 or less!

Friday Evening Ceremony & Reception
Peak Season
Waterside Deck
50 Guests

$6,164.50 – See how we did it!

Friday Evening Ceremony & Reception
Off-Peak Season
Lesner Hall & Sunset Deck
100 Guests

$9,564.50 – See how we did it!

Saturday Afternoon Ceremony & Reception
Peak Season
Waterside Deck
50 Guests

$7,283.50 – See how we did it!

Saturday Afternoon Ceremony & Reception
Peak Season
Lesner Hall & Sunset Deck
100 Guests

$9,798 or $9,294.50 for Military couples – See how we did it!

Saturday Evening Ceremony & Reception
Peak Season
Waterside Deck
100 Guests

$9,692 – See how we did it!

Sunday Afternoon Ceremony & Reception
Peak Season
Waterside Deck
100 Guests

$8,904.60 – See how we did it!

Sunday Afternoon Ceremony & Reception
Peak Season
Lesner Hall & Sunset Deck
150 Guests

$10,000.13 – See how we did it!

Sunday Afternoon Ceremony & Reception
Peak Season
Entire Venue
100 Guests

$10,141.50 or $9,532 for Military couples – See how we did it!

Sunday Evening Ceremony & Reception
Peak Season
Lesner Hall & Sunset Deck
150 Guests

$9,984.50 – See how we did it!


So, when it comes to planning an entertaining & elegant wedding day with your closest family & friends, while keeping costs low, make sure you contact one of our sales managers by calling 757-481-1122 or by emailing us at info@lesnerinn.com!

Top First Dance Songs of 2017

Whether its rock & roll or blues, classical or country, r&b or reggae, or any other genre of music you can think of, the song that you and your fiancé choose as your first dance can determine the mood of your wedding reception.  There are no rules when it comes to selecting this song, in fact we had one of our awesome Lesner Inn couples dance to the instrumental music from their favorite Star Wars movie this past year!  Considering there are no rules, many couples have trouble selecting the song for their first dance, so we thought we would help out by compiling a list of our all-time favorites, new & old:

10. I’ve Had the Time of My Life – Jennifer Warnes & Bill Medley

9. Kiss Me – Sixpence Non the Richer

8. Head Over Boots – Jon Pardi

7. Let’s Stay Together – Al Green

6. The Story – Brandi Carlisle

5. Photograph – Ed Sheeran

4. You & Me – Dave Matthews Band

3. Can’t Take My Eyes Off of You – Frankie Valli

2. Everything – Michael Bublé

1. Fresh Eyes – Andy Grammar


The song that you share with your loved for your first dance should be one that you treasure forever, so make sure it’s a good one!  We would love to hear your first dance story, so share your first dance song with us below!

Happy Valentine’s Day from Lesner Inn!

Happy first married Valentine’s Day to all of the AMAZING couples that tied the knot at Lesner Inn this past year. Your marriage is celebrated everyday but today, we are all celebrating a little harder for you!



Echard Wheeler Photography

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Dustin Lewis Photography

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Cost Saving Tips for Your Lesner Inn Wedding

It’s no secret that a wedding is a large & worthwhile investment! Between all of your vendors, food and drinks, décor, and favors it doesn’t seem like you have much room left for a honeymoon fund. Thankfully, there are so many ways to save money while still having your dream wedding at Lesner Inn! Details like centerpieces, desserts, or even the time of day or month of the year that you get married at Lesner Inn are all key ways to keep more of that green in your pocket, instead of your vendor’s.

Florals & candles - Beth Hamilton Photography.jpgFloral Arrangements

One of the first and easiest ways to save money is by talking to your florist! People don’t realize how big of a dent floral arrangements can make in a budget, but using flowers that are in season for your wedding is one of the easiest ways to minimize that cost! Another great way to save money on florals is by using more greenery in your arrangements! Not only will you be saving money by using more greens in your arrangements, but you’ll also be a part of one of the biggest trends for 2017 weddings! So when talking to your florist, make it all about the greenery with hints of your favorite in-season florals for your wedding!
Beth Hamilton Photography



Another great way to save money is by being realistic with your cake. Skip having the multi-tiered cake and opt for a smaller cake to be used for the traditional cake cutting. You then can do something simple like a sheet cake, cupcakes, cookies, or even donuts as dessert for your guests! You are still able to celebrate the traditional cake cutting ceremony, while giving your guests the option of more than just the traditional almond cake.
Hope Everlasting Photography

Military Couples

Virginia Beach is a huge area for military couples, so of course we here at Lesner Inn offer a military discount to thank you for your service! Plenty of other vendors will offer some sort of military discount as well, and all you have to do is ask!


Time of Year

They say timing is everything, so when trying to cut back wedding costs think off season! Here at Lesner Inn, off peak months are January, February, March, and November. Couples often choose their wedding date based off of the weather, but what is the real difference between October & November, or March & April? You may be saving a few degrees, but in the end we live in one of the most temperamental areas in Virginia and the most beautiful day of the year could end up being in one of our off-peak months!

ODonnel.Skalak Sunset Photo - Mike Topham Photography.jpg

Mike Topham Photography

Day of the Week

With any venue you look at, hosting a wedding on a Saturday evening will always be the highest cost. Naturally, it is the most popular day of the week to get married because of friends and family who will need to travel to make it to the event. But, if you and your closest family and friends are local, having your wedding on a Friday or Sunday, or even a week day, can greatly decrease your estimated cost!

Daytime VS. Evening

Most couples prefer having an evening wedding, but by adjusting the time of day of your wedding you could save big bucks! This also depends on your estimated guest count and the menus you choose though. If you don’t have a preference on the date and time of your wedding, and are on a budget, a great way to select the date and time of day is by first selecting your menu for food & beverages.  Once you find out how much you are estimated to spend on food & beverage, contact one of our sales managers at info@lesnerinn.com to see what season and time of day would work best to keep you at the lowest estimated cost.


Amanda Robbins Photography

Lesner Inn Weddings

Choosing Lesner Inn as your wedding venue is another huge cost, and headache, saver. McAloon.Haas - Luke & Ashley Photography.jpgWe offer either ceremonies and receptions, or just receptions if that is what you prefer. All of our packages include tables, chairs, china, glassware, flatware, use of the space for a minimum of three hours, and linens! Some of our packages even include table décor like chargers, centerpieces, table numbers, and more! This saves you the time and energy that it takes to find vendors to provide all of these things, as well as the cost of having them come to set it all up on your wedding day!
Luke & Ashley Photography

These are some easy ways to cut back on wedding expenses, but there are so many other ways to save money while planning your big day. Think outside of the box and be open to other options while making wedding decisions and you’ll be surprised how much money you can save!

Best of 2016

As we begin 2017, we want to take a moment to look back on all the fantastic weddings and events we had in 2016 here at Lesner Inn. We got the opportunity to work with some of the best couples, see some of the most touching moments, and so many other things that made 2016 so unforgettable! For all of our 2016 Lesner Inn newlyweds, we hope your big day was everything you dreamed of here at Lesner Inn and that your first year of marriage was nothing less than perfect.  We wish you so much happiness in 2017 and for the years to come in the future!

Best First Dance
Modest Monkey Photography

With the legalization of same sex marriage in June, we have to celebrate this beautiful couple!  Michelle & Erin shared their first dance to “The Story” by Brandi Carlile and had us all in tears!  We still get goose bumps just thinking about their first dance, which is why they take the title of best first dance!





View More: http://lukeandashleyphotography.pass.us/david--amanda

Best Party Crasher
Luke & Ashley Photography

Amanda and David took the term wedding crasher to a whole new level when their prehistoric visitor showed up. Having this stag guest show up during their reception definitely won them the best party crasher of 2016!

Best First LookHampton_Roads_Wedding_First_Look.jpg
Hope Everlasting Photography

Sometimes the sweetest first look isn’t shared between couples, but with other important people in your life. Witnessing Marissa’s father’s reaction to seeing her before walking down the aisle definitely proved that to be true! This reaction scored Marissa and her father the best first look of 2016!




wedding_lesner_inn_garter-tossBest Garter Toss
Melody Gillikin Photography

People think that doing the garter removal in front of all their family and friends can be uncomfortable but Allie and Adam showed us how to put a funny twist on it! Having the groom and groomsmen dress up made all the awkward vibes fly out the window, which is why they won the best garter toss of 2016!

Best Outfit
Dustin Lewis Photographybest-dressed

When preparing for a wedding, the most important thing a guest asks themselves is “what should I wear?”  Lucky for this guy, he found the perfect outfit.  Even though his seductive little wardrobe change didn’t happen until later in the evening, we give him props for such a bold and fashion forward ensemble.  This guy took the naked fashion forward to a whole new level, which is why we are awarding him best outfit of 2016!


Best Grooms Cake
Angie McPherson Photography

Not many of our couples still honor this pastime but if you’re a Steel Magnolias fan, you know the tradition of a groom’s cake all too well. We have to say, this cake is MUCH better than a red velvet armadillo cake. The award for best groom’s cake goes to Cierra for this awesome cake for her husband!


Best Candid
Echard Wheeler Photography

Brittany and Rocky’s wedding here at the Lesner Inn was beyond a dream! Seeing how these two acted together all night was so sweet. Props to Echard Wheeler Photography for capturing this candid photo of them during their reception, which was why they won best candid picture of 2016!




Best Rainy Day
Echard Wheeler Photographylynnhaven_river_rainy_wedding

The old wives tale states that rain on your wedding day mean that you will have good luck for years to come. It also means that you are an awesome couple with an awesome photographer who will (quite literally) weather the storm for the best shot. We are in LOVE with this picture of Emily and Chris on their wedding day – nothing could get them down!


Best Personal Touch
Elizabeth Henson Photography

Chelsea and Andrew share a strong love for the finer things in life…like long walks on the beach, candlelight dinner and Pixar movies. Do you see the subtle nod to Toy Story in this photo? We nominate them for best personal touch in a Lesner Inn wedding for 2016!

                                                                                                        WatersideDeck_Virginia_Beach_Wedding.jpgBest Waterside Deck Wedding
Caitlin Gerres Photography

From the moment we started the planning process with Alicia, we knew that this girl was going to pull off one heck of a wedding! They tied the knot in Ghent and came to celebrate their new marriage with all of their family and friends on the Waterside Deck at Lesner Inn. With hints of navy blue, blush and gold, their wedding was the sweetest, most elegant Waterside Deck wedding. For that reason, they win best Waterside Deck wedding of 2016!

Best Wedding GameLesner_Inn_Wedding_Game.jpg
Daissy Torres Photography

Most of the time, a lot of the guests at a wedding are only close with either the bride or the groom. Stephanie and Scott made sure all of their guests got to know them a little better by playing the shoe game during their awesome August wedding. Best wedding game goes to y’all… and now we know who is the better cook!

virginia_beach_wedding_flowergirlBest Flower Girl
David Champagne Photography

The wedding is all about the bride and groom…unless you have a flower girl that total steals the show! This little princess melted our hearts and takes the cake for best flower girl of 2016!


Best Cake Cutting
Daissy Torres Photographywedding_cake_virginia_beach

Amy & Francisco were one of our favorite couples to work with!  Their easy going and fun loving attitudes were always welcome, even though 90% of our communication was over phone and email!  Being such a playful couple, it came to no surprise when they started smashing cake in each other’s faces after they cut the cake.  This intense showdown definitely takes the cake for best cake cutting of 2016!

wedding_exit_hampton_roadsBest Sparkler Exit
David Champagne Photography

Lealet and Reden ran off into the night after this stunning sparkler exit. Did David Champagne catch the perfect moment or what? These two stole the show with this sparkler exit and it was definitely the best one of 2016!

Best Wedding CakeVirginia_Beach_Wedding_Cake.jpg
Beth Hamilton Photography

We have a little bit of a sweet tooth. Okay, A LOT of a sweet tooth. Buttercream, almond, fondant, chocolate chips, red velvet, sprinkles..you name it we love it. After seeing countless wedding cakes this year, we have to award Shannon and Doug best cake of 2016. Steven Siccone did an AMAZING job with this creation and it looked (almost) too good to eat!





Best Smile
Dustin Lewis Photography

Your wedding day is the happiest day of your life therefore, the day you should be smiling the most. Blaine took this to heart and didn’t stop grinning the whole day! It helped that his bride, Kelsey, looked simply amazing. Dustin Lewis captured it perfectly during their first dance…best smile of 2016 goes to Blaine!

Best Sunset PhotoView More: http://stellarexposures.pass.us/melendezwedding
Stellar Exposures Photography

Lesner Inn is FAMOUS for the amazing sunsets that your guests can catch during cocktail hour. 365 sunsets of 2016 and we think that this one takes the cake. And to top it off, the most beautiful couple got married on this day! Amanda from Stellar Exposures wins the award for the best sunset picture of 2016!


Best Party Crowd
Dustin Lewis Photography

Best Party Crowd of 2016 goes to Melanie and Steven for throwing this great wedding last May! We hope your weekend is filled with even half the amount of fun and partying that this reception had!

Best First Kissfirst-kiss-option
Elena Skaya Photography

Ah, the perfect first kiss. This one was a tough one and truthfully, all first kisses are the best kisses but we did have to pick a winner. Michelle and Tanner get the award for the Best First Kiss of 2016! As soon as they were pronounced husband and wife, Michelle and Tanner embraced and sealed the deal with a big ol’ smooch in front of all of their family and friends. You can even see Michelle smiling in this photo during the moment!

Thank you to all of our wonderful 2016 couples!! May every year of marriage be just as magical as the first!

Spring 2017 Weddings

As most of us anticipate the snow plow that is the winter season, for some it’s time to pack away their snow gear and think ahead to warm and sunny days.  Yup, it’s time to start planning for those spring weddings!  If you’re not sure where to begin in the planning process, the best place to start is selecting your color palette.  From here you can select your stationary, linens, florals, cake, and any other wedding day essentials!  Check out the Pantone palette for spring 2017:


2017 Color of the Year – greeneryNot only is Greenery featured in the spring palette, but this bright and inviting green will be seen at weddings of all seasons at Lesner Inn throughout the year of 2017!  Consider how this tone can work for your wedding in any season!!!

Very Superstitious

The first look has become a popular addition to the modern day wedding ritual. Couples are loving the idea of having a private meeting with their soon to be newlywed before the ceremony so that they have a chance to be alone before being surrounded by adoring family and friends! At Lesner Inn, we love seeing these sweet first looks shared between couples, and here are some reasons why you should forget about the age old superstitions about seeing your soon to be spouse before hitting the aisle:

Get your tears out without an audience

Lesner Inn Wedding Dustin Lewis Kelsey and Blaine 4.jpg
Dustin Lewis Photography

The moment of seeing your significant other on your wedding day can be a very emotional time. By doing a first look before your ceremony, it can help cut back on those pesky tears that come with seeing each other as you walk down the aisle. If you’re an ugly crier like I am, this is definitely something to consider! Nobody likes to remember a red face and raccoon eyes when looking back at their ceremony photos!

Enjoy a private moment

Melody Gilkin Photography

Your wedding day can be a very hectic day for you and your fiancé. Taking the time to spend a moment together before all the chaos starts can take away some of the nerves of walking down the aisle. This entire day, that took months of planning and long nights deciding between the hazelnut or pale dogwood for your color scheme, is all about you as a couple. That being said, it is necessary to be a little selfish and take some time to just be together and really embrace that you’re about the spend the rest of your life with the love of your life!

Get planned photos over with

Petruzzo Photography - Waterfront Wedding- Hampton Roads - Same Sex Marriage - Lesner Inn.jpg
Petruzzo Photography

Another major plus of having a first look is that you can take a lot of your planned photos with the whole bridal party before the ceremony instead of cramming them all in during cocktail hour. Usually the couple are MIA during cocktail hour, but being able to do most of your portrait pictures earlier allows you to mingle with all your guests before the reception ensuring you have time to have a moment with every guest. Wedding days are packed full of numerous things to do so getting pictures out of the way before all of the events start really helps to keep your timeline on track.

Lesner Inn fully supports breaking tradition! Every wedding and reception we see at our waterfront venue brings something new and exciting along with it that turns into a story we get to tell our future couples! When it comes to the tradition of not seeing your soon to be spouse before the wedding, we say BREAK IT!

Why Having a Videographer at your Wedding is a Must!

One of the vendors people put the most time and thought into selecting while planning their wedding is the photographer. It is SO important to make sure you have a photographer that you love for your wedding, but why stop there? We have seen more and more couples bring in a videographer for their big day as well! Some people may wonder if a photographer and videographer is necessary, but we’re here to tell you why having both is so important to reliving your wedding at Lesner Inn!

  1. Getting to see it in action
Kelley Stinson Photography

Having still shots of all the different events happening during your big day is great, but having someone record every moment will bring everything to life. You get to actually see the guest’s tears while you say your vows and see all of the laughs during the reception.  Having a video of all of the highlights from your big day will allow you to relive your wedding day over and over again!



  1. You can’t be everywhere at once

You may have some serious FOMO on your wedding day seeing how busy you will be with those pesky reception traditions, taking photos on our Sunset Deck, and going around thanking your guests.  This is why having a videographer there to capture all of the moments you miss is a necessity!There will be so many fun dances, conversations, and smiles being shared between guests and having a video of it all will make you feel like you were everywhere at once during your special day!


  1. For people who couldn’t make it to your wedding

    Daisy Torres Photography

Unfortunately there will be guests that you invited who, for whatever reason, couldn’t make it to your wedding.Having a videographer to capture all of the precious moments your friends and family would have wanted to see is a great way to make these guests feel included! You could even make them copies of the video as a little gift to show them you missed their presence!


  1. One video instead of hundreds of pictures
View More: http://lukeandashleyphotography.pass.us/david--amanda
Luke and Ashley Photography

A huge plus of having a videographer is that you have one video to share with all of your friends and family instead of having to upload hundreds of photos! It is also super easy for any of your followers to share, or for you to send to others through email!


Don’t get me wrong photographs are a necessity to have from your wedding, but hiring a videographer allows you and your loved ones to truly relive your special day on the Lynnhaven River as many times as you want! So when you start to plan your big day, we suggest looking into having a videographer there to capture every moment!


Wedding Reception Amusement

When thinking of a wedding reception, what usually comes to mind is music and lots of dancing! Guests rarely expect the unexpected, so why not be the first to show them something truly unique at your wedding reception? Over time we have seen some pretty creative entertainment ideas that keeps not only your guests on your toes, but your vendors as well! Here are just a few of our favorites from past events.

Stellar Exposures Photography

1. Cocktail Hour Amusement
There’s no better time to set the mood of the reception than during cocktail hour! Cocktail hour can leave your guests standing around waiting for the excitement to start. So, while you’re off with your new spouse taking sunset pictures on the water, entertain your guests with a professional performer. You could bring in professional performers like belly, flamenco, or fire dancers, which would set the roof on fire for your event! Your fire dancers would have to keep their talents outside though, we don’t literally want to set the roof on fire!If you’re setting more of a romantic mood for your event, you could even have a string quartet, harpist, or violinist perform and amaze your guests! Starting the night off with something unexpected will definitely keep your guests guessing what’s next!

Heather Hughes Photography

2. Karaoke
Another great activity that will surely make your guests remember your reception would be having a karaoke machine! Not only is this a great activity to keep your guests laughing and entertained, but it’s also a great way to make sure everyone is interacting with one another. Sometimes your guests can feel a bit weird cutting a rug, but who doesn’t love karaoke! Grab a friend and belt your favorite song from the latest and greatest hits, or the most classic oldies! You wild newlyweds could even plan to do a funny karaoke duet, which would definitely be unforgettable for your guests!

Dustin Lewis Photography

3. Games

Offering games during your reception is a great way to keep some of your older guests, or anyone who doesn’t dance, entertained. All of the classic games that we played growing up like connect four, jenga, and chess have been recreated into over sized versions and are such a fun and unique way to keep your guests entertained! Then of course there is the ever popular corn hole, which can never be overdone!The options of games to have at your wedding are endless, so have fun and pick something that you know your guests would love!

4. Caricature Artists

Hiring a caricature artist is another activity that would be a hit during your reception! It’s similar to a photo booth, but this picture won’t get lost under the mounds of photo strips your guests have stashed from previous weddings!

Whether you want your guests to be entertained by professionals, or for your guests to pretend to BE the professionals, the possibilities of entertainment to surprise your guests are never-ending! We would love to hear some of your favorite reception entertainment ideas that you have seen, or have even had at your own wedding!