For your Pinspiration: Favorite Florals

There are numerous ways to dress up your wedding venue on your special day, but one of our favorite ways are through florals! With a wedding venue like Lesner Inn, that lets the view do the talking, you really don’t need much else when choosing your wedding decor. We’ve seen some arrangements that are unique to a theme, ones that go with the season, and many that are your “classic” wedding flowers and have highlighted them below. We hope you enjoy these beauties and receive some floral pinspiration for your wedding day


We LOVE how perfectly Wandering Petal in Virginia Beach executed Andrea and Jonathan’s tropical themed wedding! Palms were used to create a non-traditional wedding arch for the ceremony and this minimalist wedding was made complete with white flowers tucked in big bouquets of greenery. Andrea even rocked a floral crown to show off her style throughout the night. How couldn’t this make the list of our favorite florals from Lesner Inn weddings?

Lesner Inn Wedding Sunset Virginia Beach

Lesner Inn Wedding Wandering Petal Arch

Above: Winston Veranga Photography


The simplistic beauty of Nicole and Nelson’s florals were beyond perfect for the spring palette. They worked with Kelly Gish Floral Designs to keep a subtle pastel color scheme with mostly greenery and white flowers. But these florals wouldn’t be complete without the pink and purple flowers to make things pop! These florals were absolutely flawless and as “pretty in pastel” as you can get!

Pastel-Wedding-Waterfront-Virginia-Beach-Lesner-Inn-21Pastel Wedding Waterfront Virginia Beach Lesner Inn (49)

Above: Luke & Ashley Photography


Can you say GORGEOUS?! Although we’ve had many weddings since theirs, Stephanie and John’s florals are still one of our all-time favorites. The mix of deep red, white, and greenery brought everything together during their fall wedding. If you look close, you can even see that Norfolk Wholesale Florist used a number of different flowers to create a striking bouquet for Stephanie!



Above: Sweet Adeline Photography


Not everything has to have that pop of color, the green and white look is still one of our favorites too! Jordan and Stefan had a family friend use mostly greenery with a few white flowers for their wedding and, boy, did it turn out beautiful. Ironically, Stefan was from Iceland so we’re sure he felt right at home with the amounts of greenery on their big day. This classic look can’t be beat!

Waterfront-Greenery-Iceland-Wedding-Virginia-Beach (80).jpg

Above: Dustin Lewis Images

Florals tell so much about your style and what you envision for your day, so whether you go for the themed flowers, seasonal, or classic look, the main thing to keep in mind is to choose what YOU like, then, you can sit down with your florist and go over the numerous options. We hope this helps when it comes to meetings with your florist and that you head off into the day with thoughts and dreams of your wedding florals!


Wedding Myths… BUSTED: Rain on your Wedding Day

The most common wedding superstition that we hear is that it’s “bad luck” for it to rain on your wedding day.  Well we are here to speak some truth and bust this myth once and for all by showing you some of our FAVORITE photos from rainy day weddings at Lesner Inn!  We guarantee you’ll be hoping for some rainfall at your Virginia Beach wedding!


Above: Echard Wheeler Photography


Above: Bryan Myhr Photography


Above: Luke and Ashley Photography


Above: Lia Everette Photography

Military Waterfront Wedding Virginia Beach Lesner Inn (6)Military Waterfront Wedding Virginia Beach Lesner Inn (5)

Above: Ryann Winn Photography

Budget Friendly Wedding Venue Virginia Beach Lesner Inn (1)Budget Friendly Wedding Venue Virginia Beach Lesner Inn (29)

Above: Kelly Stinson Photography

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Selecting a Menu for ANY Appetite

A common concern for most of our wedding and social event clients is how to offer the best menu that will appeal to all of their guest’s appetites WITHOUT breaking the bank!  Luckily, the ladies at Lesner Inn are experts in this department and our catering menu has a variety of menu options so there is something for everyone!

The Lesner Inn has three menu options for clients to choose from, this includes: plated, buffet, and stations.  Pricing varies between weddings and social events, but our tips and tricks below ring true for any type of event!

Plated Menu
echard_wheeler_lesner-dual-entree-plated-mealBefore we go into what we think works best for a plated meal, let’s first identify the three options that you have when selecting this menu option.

Right: Echard Wheeler Photography

  • Single entrée plated meal: This is one of the simplest options where each of your guests will get the same plate with the same entrée.
  • Dual entrée plated meal: This is also a simple option that also gives your guests a bit of variety.  Each guest will receive the same plate, but on that plate will be two entrées.  Who doesn’t love a little surf and turf?  No drama.  No hassle.
  • Multiple entrée plated meal: A plated meal with multiple entrees requires that you receive each of your guests menu preferences in advance, create a seating chart, have place cards for each of your guests, and select meal signifiers to identify which guests will be receiving chicken, fish, beef, etc.  Many people are deterred from this option when they realize how much more work it can be.

Only you know which of these options will work best for your guests.  The type of menu that you select is a personal preference, there is no right answer!  Plated menus are great for groups large and small but, in our experience, appeal to the majority in the form of a dual entrée meal.


Buffet Menu
When selecting a menu that will appeal to as many people as possible, our top choice will always be buffet style.  With this menu option, you are able to choose a two or three entrée buffet and allow your guests to choose what they’d like on their plate, and how much of it.  If you know you have picky eaters in the mix, we highly recommend this option!

Left: Tara Liebeck Photography

Stations Menu
Similar to buffet style, our stations menu allows your guests to walk through and select which menu items they would like on their plate.  The difference is that many of the menu options are at a chef attended station where a Lesner Inn staff member will be sautéing, flipping, or carving food right in front of your guests. Many people opt for this menu style if they prefer to dress up their buffet and of course it adds a bit of extra entertainment to the event.

No matter which menu style you choose, the catering at Lesner Inn is some of the best in the business if we do say so ourselves.  If you don’t believe us, just check out our stellar reviews on The Knot, WeddingWire, Facebook, and on our website.

For more information about events and catering at Lesner Inn, contact us at or 757-481-1122.

Top 5 Reasons you NEED a Wedding Coordinator

One of the most frequently asked questions we get at Lesner Inn is, should I hire a wedding coordinator? No matter if we are meeting with someone who’s a professional bridesmaid, has a well-organized maid of honor, or is even a wedding coordinator themselves the answer will always be YES!! A wedding coordinator, who isn’t on your guest list, will make your wedding day 100% stress free. We’re here to tell you why you absolutely need a wedding coordinator for the day of your wedding!

Waterfront-Greenery-Iceland-Wedding-Virginia-Beach (75)

1. Read between the lines
A wedding coordinator, not to be confused with a planner, will ensure that everything you have planned and prepared for your wedding day is executed perfectly from start to finish. This means coordinating with each of your vendors to ensure that they are providing exactly what you were expecting. They will make sure that all of your vendors have a full understanding of the vision of your wedding and that they work together to accomplish it!

Right: Dustin Lewis Images

2. Getting down the aisle
The hours before the ceremony can be extremely chaotic at times. Between getting any late guests to take their seats, rounding up family members for the processional, and making sure not to spoil the first look between you and your fiancé there is a lot to take care of! These tasks should be designated to a professional wedding coordinator that will be present up until you walk down the aisle.

3. What if?
Something that we can safely say will haunt any couple before their wedding day are the endless “what if” scenarios. What if the cake doesn’t show up? What if my DJ goes missing? What if my bustle breaks? The scenarios are endless. Your wedding coordinator not only takes the necessary steps to prevent any of these scenarios from happening, but will go to any lengths necessary to fix them if they do!

4. You’re not wearing a watch
One of the things we can guarantee that you won’t be doing on your wedding day is keeping track of the time. That’s where your coordinator comes in. Your wedding coordinator will make sure that you are staying on schedule, so that you have enough time to hit the dance floor with your besties on your wedding day!

Waterfront-Greenery-Iceland-Wedding-Virginia-Beach (43)

Above: Dustin Lewis Images

5. Set up and break-down
Probably one of the most tedious tasks on your wedding day is setting up and breaking down décor. One of the greatest things about a wedding coordinator is that they take care of this for you! At the end of the night, your coordinator will bring everything to a designated vehicle so all you have to worry about is getting it home!

We’ve seen so many couples boast about how organized they are and how many weddings they’ve been involved in, but no matter how true this may be we will never stop recommending hiring a wedding coordinator. No bride or groom wants to be responsible for the “what if” scenarios on their wedding day, and they shouldn’t have to be! A wedding coordinator is a small price to pay for a very necessary service.


Above: Dustin Lewis Images

To learn more about Lesner Inn’s coordination services, contact us at or 757-481-1122.

No Hassle Favors at Lesner Inn

Wedding favors are the perfect way to say thank you to your guests for celebrating your wedding with you.  Over the years, wedding favors have made the switch from being small trinkets that will most likely end up in the trash, to food or beverage items that guests can actually enjoy!  Lesner Inn is totally behind this shift in the wedding game, and we’re here to tell you about the awesome favor ideas that you can get directly from us!

Mini Champagne Bottles
We can admit that we’re obsessed with anything mini for weddings.  Lesner Inn has mini bottles or cans of blue champagne, rose, and of course standard champagne that make the perfect wedding favors!  The packaging is to die for, and the product is even better!  If you want to personalize these adorable little bottles, just order stickers with your names and wedding date and slap them on the bottles.  You’ve created hassle free favors for your guests to either take home or enjoy on the night of your wedding!

Bridesmaids - Blanc de Bleu - David Champagne

Above: David Champagne Photography

A lot of people are even using candy bars as a favor for their guests!  Who doesn’t love a sweet treat for the journey home from a Lesner Inn wedding?  These can be displayed as a candy bar so that guests can go up and select what they want to bring home in individual bags provided by Lesner Inn.


Above: Cute E’s Photography

If you’ve read our blog before, you’ve probably heard us preach about how awesome donuts are if you’re looking for an alternative to traditional wedding cake.  Well, here we are again to tell you how amazing donuts are as wedding favors!!  All you need are small boxes or paper bags for your guests to pack up a donut or two to take home after the wedding.  When they’re in need of some easy hangover food the next day, all they need is to pop the box open and enjoy!

View More:

Above: Stellar Exposures Photography

Lesner Inn sure does love any type of bar, so why not a popcorn bar?  Popcorn bars are such fun favors because your guests can customize the popcorn to be flavored with white cheddar or tossed with M&Ms, chocolate chips, or butterscotch chips!  We even provide adorable popcorn bags for your guests to take these treats home!


Above: Dustin Lewis Images

We are totally obsessed with any of these favor ideas!  The best part is that they are hassle free since Lesner Inn will provide everything you need, and even set it up for you!

To learn more about having any of these as favors at your wedding, speak to one of our event & sales managers by contacting us at or 757-481-1122.

Lesner Insights: selecting your wedding venue

Selecting the place where you will celebrate saying “I do” is one of the most important decisions in the wedding planning process.  There are so many factors to consider that many couples don’t even think about until they’ve already reserved their wedding venue. Things like the location, what’s included for the price, and of course reviews on past couple’s experiences should all be things that you are considering when making this decision. If you’re having trouble figuring out where to start in selecting your wedding venue, we hope we can help by providing some of our insights!

Location, location, location!!! This should be one of the first things on your mind when considering your wedding venue.  But this doesn’t mean that you should just pick whichever venue is closest to your house.  What we really mean is that the location should reflect the overall feeling that you wish to have at your wedding! How you feel when you walk into the doors of your wedding venue for the first time should be the same feeling you want to have on your wedding day!

Right: Kay De Lane Photography

Your location should also reflect the types of photos that you wish to have from your wedding.  Waterfront wedding venues like Lesner Inn are the perfect setting for photos, rain or shine.  However, you should also take into account your wedding venue’s proximity to other places you’d like to take photos. Whether you want a photo with your toes in the sand or to stand out in a forest of green you should know what photo opportunities are available near your wedding venue!


Above: Lia Everette Photography

Waterfront-Wedding-Venue-Virginia-Beach-Lesner-Inn-27.jpgWhat’s Included
There are so many wedding venues that charge a large amount just for you to use the venue!  This often doesn’t even include the tables, chairs, table ware, or catering.  At Lesner Inn, we prefer to provide inclusive services so that our couples don’t have to work with 10 different wedding vendors to have their dream wedding!  Things can get lost in translation when working with too many wedding vendors so, if you decide on having your wedding at a venue that only includes the space, make sure you are prepared to stay organized.

Right: Lia Everette Photography

Reading reviews from past couples and their experiences at your top wedding venues will give insight to real weddings there! If you are seeing several negative ratings, then the venue may have a few kinks that they need to work out.  Wedding planning websites like The Knot and WeddingWire are great places to start when researching the best wedding venues in your area.


Above: Paige Ryan Photography

Can you imagine having your wedding at a venue where all of its event spaces are in a row of dark banquet halls where you can’t tell a stranger attending the wedding next door apart from your great aunt Susan? It makes you wish that you had enough wedding guests, and money, to book the entire venue.  At Lesner Inn, we offer our couples the option to book the entire venue for a private wedding experience at a fair price! This is something that we recommend to all of our couples, especially those with higher guest counts, so that they can get the most out of their wedding day.


Above: Luke and Ashley Photography

We hope our insights are helpful in your search for the perfect wedding venue!  If you are interested in hosting your wedding with us at Lesner Inn, reach out to one of our sales managers at or 757-481-1122!

Wedding Processional & Recessional Songs

For some people, selecting the songs they walk down the aisle to is as simple as saying “ I do”! For others, it can be a long process of overthinking song after song. We know this is such an important moment for every couple, so we wanted to help you out if you’re having a bit of a struggle choosing these songs for your special day! Check out some of our favorite processional and recessional songs that Lesner Inn couples have walked down the aisle to:

Processional Songs:
All of Me by John Legend
Amazed by Lonestar
A Thousand Years by Christina Perri
Come Thou Fount of Every Blessing by Chris Tomlin
Good Life by One Republic
Lost in the Moment by Big and Rich
Marry You by Bruno Mars
Take My Hand by Emily Hackett
Within You, Without You by The Beatles
You and Me by The Dave Mathews Band

Above: Cute E’s Photography

Recessional Songs:
Accidently In Love by Counting Crows
At Last by Etta James
Best Day of My Life by American Authors
First Day of My Life by Bright Eyes
Good to Be Alive by Andy Grammer
How Sweet It Is (To Be Loved By You) by Marvin Gaye
I Do by Colbie Caillat
I’m Yours by Jason Mraz
The Best if Yet to Come by Frank Sinatra
This Magic Moment by The Drifters

In addition to the above songs, we also love ANYTHING from Vitamin String Quartet for either the processional or recessional song if you’d like to give a traditional sound to your favorite modern songs!

Whether one of these songs sparked something for you and your fiancé or not, we hope you now have some thoughts on what type of songs you would like to use during the ceremony. We wish you the very best on your selection process and we can’t wait to sing along to the song you pick on your big day at Lesner Inn!

Not the Average Bar

When most engaged couples think about having a bar at their wedding, their minds go straight to their favorite local beers & specialty cocktails. But, when planning their wedding, they see that there are numerous types of bars to host that don’t have to include alcohol! To give you some ideas, we want to share some of our favorites with you that you can easily get at Lesner Inn!

Alcohol Bar
Like we mentioned, this is the most thought of bar at a wedding. The beverage choices are endless with your choice of your favorite Virginia local beers & wines, cocktail drinks, & more. Of course a bar is not required for any wedding, but there are several different ways that you can present this to your wedding guests if you so choose. Ask your event manager about the best way to accommodate what you want behind your bar at Lesner Inn!

Dessert Bar
This is another bar that most people tend to lean toward when discussing the different wedding bars. It is very popular in upcoming wedding trends & they are even being used instead of traditional wedding cake! Set out an array of your favorite desserts with anything from brownies to cookies to doughnuts to chocolate covered strawberries or anything else you may be craving. Here at Lesner Inn, we love to help out with these bars as we can provide you with brownies, cookies, chocolate covered strawberries, & even doughnuts!


Above: Keith Cephus Photography

Candy Bar
The candy bar is such a crowd pleaser! So many couples are starting to have candy bars to go along with their cake or even have it as a favor for their guests. It’s perfect because you can personalize this with the types of candy you select or even by the stamps or labels on the bags you use for your guest’s doggy bags! If you love the idea, but don’t want to add another thing to your planning list, Lesner Inn will take care of it for you! Just let your event manager know your favorite selections & we will set it up for you on your wedding night!

Popcorn Bar
Okay, let’s be honest, who doesn’t love these buttery puffs of heaven after a good meal? This bar is definitely one that your guests will be all over! Typically, there’s two ways to do this bar at Lesner Inn. You can have different flavors of popcorn for the guests to choose from or you can have good old-fashioned butter popcorn with different candies to put on top (we ALWAYS recommend a salty & sweet treat)! Either way, you can’t go wrong with a popcorn bar for a late night snack that everyone can grab while they’re on the dance floor!


Above: Dustin Lewis Images

Ice Cream Sundae Bar
We don’t know about you, but we LOVE ice cream & we’re pretty sure your guests will too! Why not give them a bar that’s full of ice cream, sprinkles, chocolate syrup, chocolate chips & so much more that they can pile on top? There’s no better way to cool down from the dance floor than to eat some cold ice cream that Lesner Inn can provide your guests!

Now when you think of the bar you would like to incorporate for your guests at your wedding, we hope you consider some of these tasty treats as well! If you have an idea that you’d like to share with us, reach out to one of our event & sales managers at or at 757-481-1122!

Wedding Highlights: Kayla & Parker 3/24/2018

Military-Wedding-Virginia-Beach-Lesner-Inn-(33)We have to take a minute to brag about this AMAZING couple right here!  Kayla & Parker stole our hearts from the moment that we met them.  They are two of the most genuine people, & working with them to create their perfect day was an absolute joy!  Reflecting on this day makes us so happy that Lesner Inn could be a part of their Virginia Beach wedding, & we hope to work with more couples just like them!!

How, when, & where did you meet?
Parker and I met in 2015 when he moved to Norfolk for the Navy. He was apartment hunting and I was a Leasing Consultant and rented an apartment to him. I told him that day that I would be his neighbor and I don’t think he took it seriously. He found out a few weeks later that I really was his next-door neighbor! He invited me on a date a few months later and the rest was history!

Dating can be awkward, do you have any funny stories from when you first started dating?
I always give Parker a hard time about our very first date! He asked me out to a hockey game and I had said yes. When I walked over to his apartment, there were 2 of his guy friends there too!! So it was a Parker and Kayla with 2 other of his friends date. Parker says “I didn’t know it was a date, a thought it was an….outing”.


Tell us your engagement story? When did it happen?
Our engagement was super simple and perfect! We bought our first home together and we love our sunsets from our backyard. Last June he got down on one knee at sunset, asked me to marry him, and at the same time our dog Gracie jumped in his face and licked him. I wouldn’t have wanted it any other way!

Military-Wedding-Virginia-Beach-Lesner-Inn-(45).jpgWhat made you pick Lesner Inn as your wedding venue?
We definitely wanted something on the water and a place that we could really have everything all at one place: the ceremony, reception, décor, catering, and coordination. When we visited, the view was beautiful and the venue fit the vision we had for our wedding day.

What additional vendors did you choose for your wedding day, and why?
We had a DJ, Florist, and Photographer. We really did not need to hire many other vendors because there was so much included at The Lesner Inn!

What décor & other design aspects of your wedding were most important to you?
We wanted to keep things simple, so we didn’t want too many decorations. We wanted small centerpieces and flowers with greenery to give our reception and wedding a romantic and sweet feel. That was really important to us.

Military-Wedding-Virginia-Beach-Lesner-Inn-(66)What was your vision for your wedding day?
Simple, sweet, and romantic on the water!

What unique details did you add to your wedding?
Parker’s a twin so for the mother/son dance, Parker had danced with their mom, and his brother Kyle danced with their Grandma. Half way through the song, they switched places and I thought that was really sweet and unique.

What were you most excited for your wedding day?
I asked Parker this question and his first sentence was “To see the love of my life”! I definitely agree. We hadn’t seen each other since the night before and having the wedding day jitters and nerves; all I wanted to do was see him. Once we saw each other both of us were instantly not nervous anymore and we were calm and ready to walk down the aisle!

How did you handle the stress of wedding planning? Were there any major hiccups along the way?
Planning a wedding can definitely be stressful! We planned our wedding in 8 months but for 4 of those months, Parker was on deployment. This did cause some added stress because of limited availability to talk with each other. What was nice, though, was that many of our vendors were able to fit us in before he left and we go to meet in person with our DJ when he got back so it was cool that they worked with us.


Do you have any advice for couples who are planning their weddings now?
Honestly, I would say to try and bundle! We bundled the ceremony, reception, décor, coordination, planning, catering, and much more all at Lesner Inn and that truly made things so easy for us. Having things taken care of all in one place truly made wedding planning a breeze so BUNDLE when possible! Also, doing the first look with each other was one of the best decisions we made. For one, you save time after the ceremony and are able to mingle with friends and family sooner, and two, seeing each other calmed our nerves that day.

We loved being a part of Kayla & Parker’s wedding day & of course celebrating with their friends & family!  Lesner Inn takes pride in being inclusive, so that our couples don’t have to search for services from several different Virginia Beach wedding vendors.

For more information on our services, contact us at or 757-481-1122!

Thank you to Kay De Lane Photography for capturing all of these amazing photos!


10 Questions to Ask Before Booking Your Wedding Venue

Wedding planning, no matter how many times you’ve done it, comes with a lot of questions about how and when certain things should get done. This can be stressful enough, but on top of all the questions already going through your head, you then go to check out your top wedding venues and realize that you don’t even know what questions to ask. Well, being one of Virginia Beach’s top wedding venues, we have some helpful tips for whatever venue you’re looking at! We’ve put together a list of 10 questions, and answers, that we hope will help and that you should definitely ask your wedding venue before booking!

  1. What do you provide?

This is such an important question because you want to know what you need to bring in from an outside vendor or what you’ll need to bring yourself. Lesner Inn tries to be as inclusive as possible, and provides everything from the linens and decor to the food and beverage. We even offer wedding favors! Make sure you discuss what your venue includes in detail before booking so you know exactly what you’ll be responsible for!

  1. How long do I have to set everything up and break it down?

Like almost every question in this list this changes for each venue, but you should at least have 2 hours to set up before the wedding and 1 hour to break down. This is our policy at Lesner Inn, including the set up for vendors and other personal décor items. Be sure to ask your venue because this is just a generalization, so it might be different for each place!

  1. Do you have a preferred vendors list? If so, do I have to stick to that list?

Most venues will have a preferred vendors list. Whether you have to stick to those specific vendors or not is what is normally different between venues. We have a list with vendors that we highly recommend, but our couples are more than welcome to bring in any vendor they would like!  However, our preferred vendors offer discounts to Lesner Inn couples, so we highly recommend taking advantage of that!

  1. If my fiancé gets deployed, what is the process we go through to postpone?

Virginia Beach Military Wedding Lesner Inn Waterfront.jpgThis is a question that we really hope doesn’t come up during the wedding planning process, but we understand when duty calls. Different venues will have different policies and processes, but Lesner Inn is particularly understanding in this situation and will resolve this on a case by case basis. Be sure to ask your venue what the steps are if this happens before you book!

Right: Love Simply Photography

  1. How do I hold my date?

Ahh, the question that every couple should ask once you’ve completely fallen in love with your wedding venue! Some venues will require a deposit to hold the date and others will hold it complimentary for a certain amount of time. Once a couple expresses that they would like to secure the date, Lesner Inn will place a 5 day complimentary hold on the date so the couple can rest easy knowing that no one else can book it. If you have a specific date in mind, we highly recommend asking if you can place a hold on it and what is required to book the space while you’re in the process of looking everything over!

  1. What is the payment schedule?

Just like everything else, this will differ from venue to venue, but we can say that most of them will have a payment schedule for you. We don’t know of any venues that would required everything to be paid in one lump sum. Either way, never fear to talk about finances with your wedding venue. If you want to break payments up into more frequent and smaller amounts just tell your venue up front!

  1. When do you need all final numbers and details?

This! This is such an important question that needs to be asked before booking your wedding venue! We can’t stress enough how important it is to have every single detail that your venue needs in to them on time. Definitely ask when they will need all final numbers, food/beverage selections, etc. This is especially important when your venue does on-site catering, as Lesner Inn does, because they need to prepare all décor and order your food and alcohol in time for your event. It will make the end of planning so much easier if you know beforehand when your venue will need all of this information and can save you some hefty late fees, so be sure to ask!

  1. How far out should I book?

This is really up to you and how picky you are with the specific date, day of the week, or time of day for your wedding. If you’re super flexible, then you really don’t need to worry about booking crazy far in advance because you can typically find a weekend that works for both you and your venue. However, if your venue doesn’t do more than one wedding per day or even weekend, then you may have a little more trouble finding a weekend in the near future. If you want it on a specific date, then we would say to go ahead and book early so you can be sure to get that date. A good rule of thumb is to book at least a year in advance!

  1. What if there’s a hurricane the day of my wedding?

Waterfront Wedding Venue Virginia Beach Lesner Inn (10).jpgThis is another question that no couple wants to talk about but that you should always ask before booking your venue. At Lesner Inn, as long as our doors can open the show goes on!  We will do everything in our power to make it happen and make sure everything still goes as planned. This is generally the policy with most venues because no one ever wants to postpone a wedding due to weather, but it’s always good to ask beforehand!

Right: Lia Everette Photography

  1. Am I required to have a coordinator?

The possible answers to this question are pretty cut and dry: yes or no. Some venues will require you to at least have a day-of coordinator for your wedding. However, there will be other venues, like Lesner Inn, who do not require you to have a planner or day-of coordinator. We do suggest it though, because it takes a ton of stress off of you and your fiance and will make a world of a difference on your wedding day. Lesner Inn actually offers full wedding planning and day-of coordination services specifically for Lesner Inn couples, so you don’t even have to work with another company to coordinate your wedding!

We know wedding planning can be stressful and you sometimes just don’t know the questions to ask certain vendors, but we really hope this list helps with some of the questions you should ask your wedding venue before booking! If you have any more questions, don’t be afraid to speak up. We would much rather couples ask all of their questions upfront than to be confused down the road!

If you have any other questions about the booking process at Lesner Inn, feel free to contact us at or give us a call at 757-481-1122.