Wedding Season Kick Off!

DSC01890 DSC01923 DSC01945

Here at Lesner Inn, we are lucky to have already hosted some fabulous and exciting Virginia Beach weddings since 2013 has begun. As we gear up to jump head on into the Spring Season, we wanted to highlight some of the popular trends we have seen in our events so far, and what we expect to see a lot more of this year!

• Aqua, and Neutral Color Schemes
• Floating Candles
• Simplistic Centerpieces
• Rustic and DIY accents
• Cocktail Style Floor Plans
• Minimal Décor
• Photobooths

With the presence of Pinterest so strong in the bridal world, last season brought lots of details and unique touches to many of the events we saw at Lesner Inn. Pops of Bright color, and personalized accents were in high demand. Of course, weddings on the water will always be the number one trend in our eyes. We continue to see many of our upcoming brides focus on a beach and nautical themed event.

Choosing a theme, trend, or color palette to incorporate in your event, is a great show of your personality and style. We can’t wait to see how our upcoming Brides and Grooms use these touches to personalize their special day at Lesner Inn!


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