Honoring Mom on Mother’s Day, and on your Big Day!

As we get ready to celebrate Mother’s Day at Lesner Inn with our annual brunch, we began to think of how special the holiday truly is. Mother’s Day is the perfect time to reflect on just how important and influential the role is that these women play in our lives. The holiday is the perfect opportunity to spend time with your Mother, and focus on the memorable moments you have spent together.

Your Wedding is one of the biggest moments in your life, and in your Mother’s as well. As the holiday approaches, we have thought about some special ways to incorporate your Mother in your Wedding Ceremony or Reception.

  • Shopping for your wedding gown together is a day that you both will remember forever. Your mom knows you the best, and her opinion will never steer your wrong!
  • Plan a way to reach out with gratitude to your Mother during your event. You can make a special mention to your Mother in your ceremony program, or find a time during the reception to personally thank her in front of your guests.
  • Work together with your DJ or Band to play a song special to you and your Mother, and invite other Mother’s and children to come up and join the party!
  • Incorporate touches of your childhood, or Mom’s favorite items throughout the wedding. Honor your Mom by serving one of her favorite desserts, or give your guests favors that are meaningful to you and your family.
  • A popular trend for ceremonies, has been carrying a bouquet down the aisle that has been created to be split into two. During the ceremony, the Bride and the Groom can each give one half to their Mothers as a special thank you.

Honoring your Mother on your Wedding Day is another way to say thank you for today, and for everyday. 🙂


Come celebrate the Holiday with Lesner Inn for our Annual Mother’s Day Brunch on May 12th! We are currently accepting reservations, and will be seating on our Waterside Deck overlooking the beautiful Lynnhaven River. We look forward to seeing you there!

Mother's Day 2013




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