Weddings: Unplugged vs. Plugged in?

plugged1             unplugged1

In this day and age most everyone has a smart phone or device. This allows your guests to capture memories of your big day from their perspective, as well as share them via social media outlets, such as Instagram. A popular theme we saw at our Lesner Inn events this past year was incorporating a Hashtag into your event. This will allow all the images of your wedding taken by your guests, to easily be grouped together for your future viewing.

Companies such as Eventstagram specialize in the use of Hashtags for events. They are able to set up TV monitors at your event, that will allow every one to see the photos being shared in real time. Following your event, you even have the option to order a video version of all images shared.

However, other couples are shying away from this trend, and instead having “Unplugged” Weddings. Groups are kindly asking their guests to turn off their phones and cameras, and truly be involved in the special moment with them. This can also be of great help to your photographer, as they are able to easily capture important moments without competing with any “guest photographers.”

We look forward to seeing how our upcoming couples will use these trends in 2014!

#LesnerInn 🙂


One thought on “Weddings: Unplugged vs. Plugged in?

  1. We have had both trends used by our clients in 2013. The hashtag is extremely popular with some of our brides because, as you said, it gives a unique perceptive of their events based on their guests experience. It can also double as a virtual guestbook! For our last wedding of the year, our clients were very strict about “guest photographers” because of the groom’s career. But because the celebration was mostly among family and close friends, smartphones really never made an appearance expect for a Heads Up competition!


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