Now Trending: Groom’s Cakes!

Here at Lesner Inn we most often meet with Brides to make all of their wedding dreams come true. They make most of the decisions and then garner most of the attention on the big day. But what about the Groom? While he may get the ball rolling with an extravagant proposal, most misters are just along for the ride in the wedding planning process. 

To combat this though, many of our Brides have found the perfect way to give a little of that attention back to the man with a Groom’s Cake! This cake is separate from the traditional Wedding Cake, and creates the perfect opportunity to show off what the Groom loves (besides the Bride of course!). Our favorite ideas can be seen below:

Many would say that this is a Southern tradition, so down here in Virginia Beach, we’re all for it! Brides, do any of you have some special cakes planned for your Grooms this wedding season? Leave a comment below to let us know and share your ideas!




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