Now Trending: Trash the dress?

How long did it take you to pick out the perfect dress for your big day? Probably a few visits to the local bridal boutiques and a few hours convincing yourself to write the check. You’ll only wear it once, but it has to be the perfect one (just like your man ;)).

But despite all the time and money that goes into this dress, we’ve noticed that a lot of our brides are choosing to “trash” their dresses. Usually this involves some activity that will essentially ruin your dress, but makes for some pretty spectacular photos. Most of our brides take advantage of the Lynnhaven River or the Chesapeake Bay near-by to trash their dresses after the big day, but there are plenty of creative ways to make it happen.


(Amanda Hedgepeth Photography)

Most couldn’t imagine “trashing” their dress, but others think of it as a way to get a little more bang for their buck. They say “hey- it was just going to collect dust in the closet anyways.”

Colorful Trash the Dress

(Andi & Zoe Photography)

So could you do it? Trash your beloved wedding dress? If you have already, send us some of your pictures to

Happy trashing!


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