8 Reasons You Should Have a Daytime Wedding

Lesner Inn is proud to offer daytime weddings which can begin at any time, and conclude by 3pm. Many brides are skeptical of such an early start time, but we’ve compiled the top 8 reasons why daytime weddings rock.

1. Daytime weddings are cheaper. This day is going to be expensive enough, why not save some dough and have an awesome daytime event?

2. Daytime events can begin at ANYtime. That’s right, we could even do sunrise. And how romantic would that be?! The sun rises in the perfect spot from the deck at Lesner Inn, making for a beautiful ceremony.

3. Speaking of our awesome views, having a daytime wedding gives you way more time to enjoy the scenery. At night, with no light, it may not be as easy for your guests to appreciate the wonderful view of the Lynnhaven river we offer.

4. Another advantage of all that daylight would be your awesome pictures! The lighting at sunrise and throughout the morning is perfect (and rather romantic) for all the pictures you’ll want throughout the event.

5. Super fun food options! Who doesn’t like breakfast food? With a daytime wedding, you can choose from breakfast or brunch options. Pancakes, bacon, or even an omelette station- there’s no way your guests would be disappointed!

6. Even more fun drink options! Who says you can’t get a little tipsy during the day? Besides offering a full service bar to your guests, you could also consider a bloody mary or a mimosa bar. 

7. More time to spend with your spouse and guests. Why spend the entire day getting ready and stressing out about the big moment? Saying “I do” a bit earlier gives you the whole day to celebrate with your spouse and guests.

8. Did someone say after-party? After your ceremony and reception have finished, you have more time to keep the party going! Why stuff all that celebration into a few hours, when you could have the whole day!

If you’ve had a daytime wedding that rocked, feel free to comment below! If your looking to have an awesome daytime wedding, give us a call and we’ll hook you up!

-Lesner Inn 🙂


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