So Your Guests Have Dietary Needs?

Lately, it seems like everyone has some sort of allergy or special food requirement. Working with so many guests and pleasing everyone’s palettes can be challenging at times, but there is no reason that anyone should go hungry. To help you out, we’ve compiled a few tips to help with your picky eaters.

1. When sending out invitations and notes for your guests to RSVP, include a check-box for guests to indicate if they have any special food requirements. When you get everyone’s RSVP back, you’ll know who to follow up with about these unique needs!

2. Follow up! Hopefully there won’t be too many, but once you know who you need to accommodate, ask them how you can accommodate them. Your guests should be specific with their needs, telling you exactly what ingredients they cannot eat.

3. Once you have chosen a menu for your wedding, see what those guests can eat from it. Sometimes you won’t even have to order extra food for the guests. Chances are that something already on your menu can be altered in a way that your picky eaters can enjoy it too!

4. Be honest with your caterer about these specific needs, and give them ample time to create a menu that will work for everyone. Most caterers are willing to work with you (if they’re not, then they shouldn’t be your caterer!). With a little heads-up, almost anything can be done to accommodate your guests.

5. Give your guests the option to bring their own food. Some guests would rather just bring their own meal to be sure they are eating something that is safe for them (which is totally okay). If that is easier for you and your guests, then let it be!

6. Don’t stress! This day is all about YOU and celebrating YOUR new life! Although it’s important to please your guests, it’s more important for you to enjoy this special time.

Lesner Inn is always willing to work with your on your menu to accommodate your guests. Give us a call to start working on your event today! (757)- 481-1122


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