Tips for a Successful Wedding Tasting

If your wedding venue provides catering (which, we do!), then they should offer tastings. Let’s be real, who buys a car without test driving it first? And when it comes to the most important day of your life, why leave anything to chance? Lesner Inn offers their potential clients their choice of 4 hors-doeuvres to 3 entrees. Since tastings have become increasingly important, as more and more couples choose to personalize everything (from signature cocktails to cakes & desserts), we thought it would be important to give our readers some tips on how to take advantage of your tastings.

1) Be honest & ask questions. The tasting is the time to express your feelings on what you like or dislike. We would much rather know your feelings before your event, than hear a complaint on your special day. If you have questions about substitutions or ingredients, do not hesitate to ask. That is what we are here for!

2) Come hungry. It’s okay to snack before you come, but definitely come hungry! Food is always better on an empty stomach.

3) Ask for a mock set up. This is the only dress rehearsal you’ll have for food – so do it right! At Lesner Inn, we can set up your table the way it will look on your wedding day, so you can really get the whole experience.

4) Leave the entourage at home. Whether it be close friends or family, or even your wedding planner, it’s not necessary to invite everyone to the tasting. The more people you invite to the tasting, the more expensive it will be, and the more opinions you will have about the menu.

5) Pay attention & take notes. Be on the look out for good-quality foods and ingredients. Make sure to take note of what you did and did not like. Also, take notes of ingredients (in case of allergies).


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