Personalizing your menu

menuThere’s so many ways to personalize your wedding and share your story with the world, without simply telling them it in your vows or speeches. At The Lesner Inn, one of our favorite ways our newlyweds personalize their wedding is through their menu. Even though we provide all of the food for your wedding (with exception to the cake) we love to work with our couples to make sure they are able to personalize their menu. Take a look at some of our ideas below & what we’ve done in the past!

  • FIRST DATE: Reinvent your first date by sharing your first meal with your guests. If it was at a sushi restaurant, hire a sushi chef or bring in a sushi display for your guests to eat during cocktail hour. For a bonus affect, you can even have a card placed on the serving table with your first date story for people to read while waiting for their roll.
  • LOCAL BITES: Guests love to know what the area you are from has to offer. Planning a wedding in Virginia Beach? Then incorporate fresh seafood into your wedding! Whether it’s a fresh catch or some steamers (clams, oysters, or shrimp) from the Lynnhaven River or Atlantic Ocean, we can create it into something completely wedding worthy!
  • DIET: In this day and age, everyone is going gluten-free or vegan. So whether it’s you or the groom, or one of your guests, it could be a good idea to offer a gluten-free / vegan option.
  • FAMILY & BACKGROUND: Do you have a family recipe that you want to use? Just let us know! Even if it’s not something you see on our menu, we love to work with our couples! Just this past weekend we worked with a Filipino couple who wanted us to incorporate a popular Filipino dish, adobo. Even though it was not something on our menu, we were able to work with our chef to create it & the couple loved it.
  • DESSERT: Dessert is also another great way to personalize your menu. Many brides and grooms are using candies (like jars of blue M&Ms) to incorporate their wedding day colors into their menu. Others like to incorporate their favorite dessert in replacement of a traditional wedding cake. One of my favorite desserts I’ve seen at the Lesner Inn came from a bride’s grandmother’s kitchen – homemade pies in replacement of a traditional wedding cake.
  • LATE NIGHT: As a lasting impression, pass around a personalized treat at the end of the night. Midnight snacks are becoming increasingly popular in the wedding industry. Anything from monogrammed mints to your favorite mini-burger and fries would do the trick on your wedding night.
  • THE BAR: The finishing touch to any great menu is a signature cocktail, of course. Personalize the name of your favorite cocktail can be fun. One of our newly-engaged couples named their favorite cocktail off their race-track names because they met on a race track. So bun!!

bar menu


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