Transportation for Your Wedding Guests

dolan_wedding_2320_edit$!400xWhen you look back on the memorable moments from your wedding, you don’t want your cousin’s DUI to be one of them. While you have a bucket load of things to worry about on your big day, guests drunk driving should not be something that even crosses your mind. Let your wedding guests relax and party without worrying about their designated driver being under the influence, by making sure that you have transportation established for them.  Offering a shuttle service will also guarantee that the majority of your guests will arrive on time for your ceremony. Who wants any interruption during your vows?

Many hotels in the Virginia Beach area offer shuttles to The Lesner Inn from their hotels. The cost varies per hotel, however, we do think it is a wise investment, especially if you have an open bar. If you book with us, let us know about your out-of-town guests and we will send you a list of hotel recommendations, as well as shuttle service recommendations.

For more about providing transportation for you wedding guests, check out this article on


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