Valentine’s Day Wedding

echard_wheeler_photography_0554 - Copy

What’s dreamier than a Valentine’s Day wedding on the water? Uhh… nothing. Here are some reasons to have your wedding on Valentine’s Day at The Lesner Inn!

  • You will save money. February is typically considered an “off-peak” winter month, so all your vendors will lower their costs.
  • For those of you who are awful with remembering anniversaries, you’ll never forget this one!
  • You’ll give your single friends an excuse not to be lonely on this day. & your married friends another reason to celebrate the holiday.
  • What’s more romantic than the breathtaking & intimate view of The Lynnhaven River that Lesner Inn has to offer?
  • Decorations will be easy to tie in given the holiday.

echard_wheeler_photography_0561 - Copyechard_wheeler_photography_0509

  • Famous romantic couples as table numbers? Ok ok… you see where I am going with this.
  • You could fan sparks between your guests and include some aphrodisiacs in your menu, like an oyster bar!
  • Who doesn’t love chocolate covered strawberries???
  • RED Velvet cake!
  • Last but not least, your wedding COULD look like the pictures in this blog post… Pictures from one of Lesner Inn’s favorite February weddings ❤ // Lyndy & Kenny, February 2014 // Echard Wheeler Photography

While Valentine’s Day is one of the busiest days of the year to get married in Las Vegas, you should cherish your wedding ceremony & celebration and throw a big party that no one will ever forget.

echard_wheeler_photography_0567(1) echard_wheeler_photography_0573


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