Memorial Day Weekend Weddings

Everyone loves Memorial Day weekend in Virginia Beach. It’s a 3-day weekend filled with cook outs, friends, family, beach days, and boat trips. What could be better? Oh wait, a wedding! Memorial Day is a popular wedding weekend. It’s probably one of the busiest wedding weekends of the year (well, at least for us, it’s one of ours, as we have 9 weddings this weekend!). Lesner Inn brides love choosing Memorial Day weekend for a few reasons.

1) There is more opportunity to showcase the beautiful view of the Lynnhaven River froFeatured imagem our venue (with the option of a Thursday, Friday, Saturday, Sunday, or Monday wedding).

2) Since it’s a holiday weekend, guests get an extra day for traveling.

3) The holiday weekend gives the bride & groom a chance to show off the city where they’re from too (throw it up for the 757!). They can spend their days on a boat or at the beach, and their nights biking to bars or restaurants in the area. What better way to spend a holiday weekend?

4) Virginia Beach in May = PRIME weather. Talk about having a nice tan walking down the aisle. Also, the humidity is there, but not AS bad as the rest of the summer.

5) Flexible work schedules allows for wiggle room with your vacation-time for the honeymoon!

6) Memorial Day weekend is a great way to tie in the theme of your wedding. You can use the season (spring/summer) colors or a mix of red/white/blue to tie in some patriotism. Either way, you can’t go wrong!

 If you’re set on getting married on a holiday weekend, like Memorial Day weekend or Labor Day weekend in 2016 or 2017, book your desired date as soon as possible! Holiday weekends book quickly, so act fast & schedule your tour with us today – 757-481-1122.

We hope everyone has a great Memorial Day weekend!


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