What Types of Beverages Should you Serve at your Reception?

When thinking about what libations to serve your guests, it’s important to remember things like the time of day and day of the week you are having your wedding. Here’s what we think are the best beverage options for your reception.

Monday through Thursday Evening:

  • Weekday weddings are not likely to have heavy drinkers who are looking to crowd the bar. Your guests have work the next day and are less likely to be ordering something strong that will make them late to work the next day.  More than likely, your guests will casually sip on a nice Chardonnay or craft beer. So having beer and wine wFeatured imageill be just enough to keep your guests satisfied!

Friday Evening:

  • T.G.I.F is a pretty universal feeling, & is applicable even on your Friday night wedding. If it’s a Friday night, your guests are going to be ready to indulge at the bar.  They had a long week at work and are ready to unwind and celebrate with you! Having a fully stocked bar with beer, wine, and liquor will keep all of your guests happy and excited to hit the dance floor.

Saturday & Sunday Afternoon:

  • Afternoon receptions are much more low-key. It’s the middle of the day and most of your guests won’t be hoping for a rum and coke at eleven in the morning. At this time most guests go for a chilled white wine, especially in the summer. This is also a great opportunity to have a Bloody-Mary Bar, Mimosa Bar, or Champagne/Prosecco Bar.

Saturday Evening:

  • PARTY TIME! Saturday evening is party central for wedding goers! Your guests are expecting the drinks to be flowing and to have plenty to choose from. Have the bar fully stocked with your guest’s favorite beer, wine, and liquors. Your guests will be bragging about your big day for months!

Sunday Evening:

  • Sunday evenings are hit or miss when it comes to the drinking crowd. You’ll have those guests who aren’t willing to believe that it’s the end of the weekend, and of course those guests who had one too many the night before and are welcoming Monday morning. We recommend having a full bar available to please both sides.

Being prepared for your drinking crowd is the best advice we can give to you while you plan what to serve at the bar. You know your guests better than anyone so go with what you feel will make sure that you and your guests don’t leave disappointed.

At The Lesner Inn, we offer 3 different bars – Host Bar, Consumption Bar, or Cash Bar. So you have the option of either paying for your guests or letting your guests pay for themselves. We also have a number of different call and premium brands for you to choose from. Also, because we LOVE local, you can stock your bar with beers & wine from breweries & vineyards around the Hampton Roads & greater Virginia area!


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