How to Choose your Table Linens

Decorating your venue requires planning minor details that can make or break the feel of your venue. You have to choose a theme and make sure that all of your colors and décor work together to create the elegant masterpiece you imagined in your head. One of the most important tasks in accomplishing this is choosing your linens. While this seems like a simple task, there are many things to consider before making a decision. Here at the Lesner Inn we want to make sure that everything about your experience is smooth sailing, so here are a few tips to consider while choosing your linens:

Know what color the chairs will be

  • This sounds a bit obvious, but many people don’t pay attention to what will be in the room on their big day! Knowing whether your chairs will be black, white, or brown can help you avoid an embarrassing clash of colors. Having black linens with brown chairs creates two different looks that you do not want to pair!

Look at the flooring of your venue

  • If your venue is carpeted then make sure that you’re not using an over lay that are the same color as the carpets. Coordinating your colors is great, but making your tables invisible is not the look to be going for. Also, make sure that you’re not choosing an overlay that clashes with the carpet! Beware of patterned carpeting!

Keep your center pieces in mind

  • If you already know what you will be using for your centerpieces then you can think about the tints and colors incorporated within them. For example, if you’re using flowers for your centerpieces, try incorporating the colors within the flowers onto the tables. If the flowers have a pink hidden within them, you could use a pink overlay and to make it all pop and flow together.

Don’t be afraid to use different shades of the same colors

  • A classic navy blue overlay with light blue napkins never fails when setting a table. It’s a timeless look that makes your tables look sleek and put together with minimal effort.

Don’t be afraid to pair different colors

  • Pairing simple neutrals together can create a sleek and elegant look for your tables as well. Try using beige with natural reds or greens. Doing this also gives you countless options when it comes to choosing your centerpieces.

Planning your wedding day is an exciting experience for you and everyone involved. While it can seem stressful, asking for help from your bridal party can lift some of the weight off of your shoulders. After all, your bridal party is there to support you!11378106_1452500635062808_1932540355_n

Take a look at some of our favorite table settings on our Instagram!


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