How to Repurpose your Floral Arrangements

Whether they’re potted, centerpieces, or bouquets, you will likely be using flowers for your décor on your wedding day. After the big day, most people will place their flowers in a vase when they get home and toss them once they’ve wilted. But, we’re here to tell you how you can keep these unique arrangements as keepsakes. Here are a couple of ideas on how to re-purpose your floral arrangements to last more than just a couple of hours:

How to Preserve Your Wedding Bouquet11Frame them:

  • Yes you read that right! You can press your bouquet, or at least a few of the flowers, and keep it in a shadow box or frame along with your save the dates or a picture of you and your new spouse! If you’re not sure how to dry out the bouquet yourself you can ask your florist to do it for you, or check out this DIY!

Christmas ornaments:

  • If you’re okay with the idea of parting with your bouquet for a while then you can make Christmas ornaments to cherish them once a year. Similar to framing your flowers, you can dry some of the petals, buds, and leaves and put them in an opaque Christmas ornament! Every Christmas, you and your spouse can have a little reminder of the day you said I do!


  • Jewelry is a great way to make small keepsakes that can last forever! Go to any craft store and pick out a simple glass locket that you can arrange some small petals and buds into and create a fun necklace. You can even create beads from your leftover flowers to make necklaces and bracelets. Check out this tutorial.

Any of these are great ideas for a DIY gift to your bridesmaids and any other women involved in making your wedding day special! Trust us, after having your wedding at the Lesner Inn, you’re going to want to have a keepsake you can look back on!


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