5 Creative Guest Book Ideas

For many, a guest book is just another piece of clutter that will be stored away along with old photos. But, we’re here to tell you that there are some great ways to create a guest book that you’ll want to keep around. Whether you plan to display it in your home, or use it to acquire some last minute relationship advice, here are some creative ideas for your guest book:

Signing corks

With the stresses of planning your wedding, we’re sure you will go through enough wine and champagne to have this guest book ready in time for the big day. Save up all of those wine and champagne corks that you would usually throw away and have your guests sign them. Have a simple shadow box or decorative vase handy for your guests to place their corks inside, and you have a cute decoration for your home together that will remind you of your wedding day!

Describe the couple

 E J-431What to do with that old dictionary that has been replaced by the dictionary/encyclopedia/thesaurus that we call Google? Have your guests find a word that describes you and your spouse and sign their names next to it! This will get your guests thinking and competing for the best word, and if you really wanted to turn this into a fun wedding activity, you could even send the guest with the best response home with a door prize!

Tree trunk plaque

Using a wooden plaque instead of a typical guest book is another great way to keep your guest book as a creative decoration. You can find a slab of wood cut from a tree trunk at Jackson Hole Wedding | Amy Galbraith Photography via http://mountainsidebride.comyour local craft store, put a nice finish on it, and have your guests sign it! Hang it in your home or place it on a table and remember all of the fun you had!

Polaroid photo book

Are you planning on having a phohanging Polaroid wedding guest book ideato booth at your reception? Even if you’re not, we still LOVE this idea! Have all of your guests use a Polaroid camera to snap a pic of themselves, place it in a photo book, and add a personal message. For some extra fun place some props on a table for your guests to pose with. This will be a great addition to all of the scrap books you are bound to create throughout the years and be a reminder of how amazing your wedding day was!

Time capsuleFor Time Travelers

They say the first year of marriage is the hardest, so have your guests write a thoughtful note to you both and drop it in a “time capsule” to be opened on your 1st wedding anniversary!

While these are just a few of the many different things you can do for your guest book, we’re sure you all have some great ideas as well! Share your favorite with us on Pinterest, or comment below!


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