Favorite Fall Wedding Color Schemes

While we are not quite ready to admit it, today is the first day of fall which means that the beachy blues and corals that we love so much are gone and the colors of the changing leaves will be here to stay (until winter rears its ugly head at least). While you may think that you’re trapped with the simple hues of red for your color scheme, we’re here to tell you that you don’t have to stick to the basics! Fortunately there are exciting ways to use different hues of fall in your color scheme.

In the fall, we’re surrounded by deep reds, oranges, and yellows while the colors of the leaves change. Of course these colors are expected at a fall wedding, but they don’t have to be your focal point. Lucky for you, succulents never go out of season. Succulents are a plant that are beautiful during any time of year and they give you the opportunity to choose any of the colors incorporated within them. Let us give you one of our favorite examples for a fall wedding.

fall colorsOf course the hues of red are in there, but it has perfectly subtle accents like the berries and hints of green, blue, and purple in the succulents! How could you go wrong with succulents?? Here is another great example:


Another fall trend is using purple and a pinkish orange together. I know this sounds crazy, but you’d be surprised what fun color combinations you can do to create the perfect look to your fall wedding.


I mean really how cool is this? Talk about ingenuity!!

Another fall favorite is using shades of green with neutral materials like burlap. A little bit of deep reds and oranges can go a long way with a subtle shade of green! Check out this inspiring color scheme:


So if you were worried about how to create a perfectly original color scheme for your fall wedding, we hope this helped!


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