Hurricane Wedding

With hurricane Joaquin making his dramatic exit from the east coast, we reflect on the problems that occurred, and the solutions to those problems. If you’re planning a wedding close to hurricane season, there are some things to consider and be prepared to deal with if a hurricane (or other poorly timed weather disasters) muck up your wedding plans.

Here’s a shot of our last minute “barnyard” wedding!


If you plan to have your wedding outdoors, keep a close eye on the weather. Heavy wind and rain can easily knock out the barnyard wedding that you had hoped for. If the weather doesn’t look favorable, call around to other venues in the area and find out their availability, it’s always good to have a backup. We were able to help a bride in need this past weekend when Joaquin flooded her barnyard wedding!

Keeping from the wind and rain with this indoor ceremony!

Also, if your venue has an outdoor deck for the ceremony and an indoor space for the reception, make sure your venue coordinators have a plan of action if the wind and rain get too bad to continue with an outdoor ceremony. Luckily, our Lesner Hall is large enough to set up a ceremony as well!

Grand exit

Strong winds can easily mess up the sparkler exit you had planned, so be prepared to have an alternative that won’t be smothered by the wind. Glow sticks have a similar affect that sparklers would in an image.

In any event, you should always be prepared to handle anything life throws at you. Here at the Lesner Inn, we’ve seen it all, and luckily we have a great staff who is always on their toes!


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