Do You Need a Wedding Planner?

One of the inevitable questions we hear at the Lesner Inn while talking to clients is, do we need a wedding coordinator? And while we could go on for hours about why a wedding coordinator can save your life, we simply say that while you are not required to have one, we highly recommend it. A wedding coordinator handles all of the potential disasters that would leave you paralyzed, and all of the minor details that you would never even think to confront. They tell you all of the do’s and don’ts, and help to ensure that everything looks just as you had hoped it would on your big day. They know what works, and what doesn’t, and they are able to prevent disasters before they even happen. I know I’m basically describing a super hero, but that’s basically what they are when it comes to your wedding day.

Some of you may be having a small, low-key ceremony and reception, in which case you may feel that you don’t need anyone to help you direct or set up for the occasion. In this case, if you’re extremely organized and have a great group of bridesmaids to help you plan and create the perfect feel for your event, you may not need a wedding coordinator. But what many don’t consider is the seemingly simple act of walking down the aisle. You need someone to be available to tell you when it’s go time, which is where a coordinator would come in extremely handy.

For anyone having a large-scale event, we HIGHLY recommend that you have add the expense of a wedding coordinator to avoid the potential consequences of taking matters into your own hands. With having so much going on, you will need someone to handle the extra stresses and details.

While the staff at Lesner Inn is more than happy to help you with anything you may need, our main objective is to ensure your food is coming out on time, drinks are flowing, and that everything is set to make your taste buds explode! With all of this on our plate, it’s impossible to fill the role of a wedding coordinator as well.

If your budget doesn’t have room to squeeze a wedding coordinator in, ask a friend or family member to fill their place. Before asking this of someone though, make sure they have some sort of background handling a major event, or have at least attended a wedding or two. We work with family members frequently, and while they may not be Batman, Robin always ends up coming through.


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