Next-day Brunch

Wondering what to do the day after your wedding reception? Here at the Lesner Inn, we love brunch and have a great assortment of brunch items to kill that wedding party hangover. Plan a next-day brunch for your close family and friends to attend. This will also give all of your family and friends a chance to say their goodbyes and well wishes before traveling back home, or before you make your way to your honeymoon haven for the following weeks. Here are some of the necessities to have the perfect brunch after your wedding reception:

Mimosas & Bloody Marys

Everyone knows that no brunch is complete without these crowd favorites! Not only are they the trick to killing any hangover, but they’re just plain delicious! Have these stocked at your bar to get your brunch started off right!

Steak and Eggsbrunch

Have you ever wondered why steak and eggs is such a popular brunch combination? Well aside from being the best pairing of foods since peanut butter and jelly, steak and eggs contain large amounts of B12 vitamins which is an essential vitamin that alcohol exhausts from your body. This is why no brunch is complete without this magnificent pairing of breakfast and dinner items.


After a night of drinking, fruit is the perfect way to bring some of the other essential vitamins that crept out of your system, back in. Have lots of fruits with vitamin C available for your guests to liven up their day!


There’s nothing better than a piece of toasted, buttered bread or a heaping plate of crispy, salted home fries to top off your brunch experience. Everyone needs carbs the day after drinking and there’s nothing to be ashamed of!

When planning your next-day brunch, don’t forget this key piece of advice. Nothing you eat counts the day after a night of partying!

If you’re interested in hosting a brunch the day after your wedding reception, birthday, or any other excuse to get your friends and family together, contact one of our sales managers to get more information!


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