Most Important Things to Splurge on for your Wedding

When planning your wedding, you will likely have a set budget for the event. But, as many brides will tell you, there are some things worth spending some extra change on.


  • Like all things related to your wedding, you should do your research on this. Check reviews, pictures, blog posts from photographers, etc. to get a feel for what the venue is all about, and how it can make your wedding day the most special day of your life. It’s best to rely on sites like The Knot and Wedding Wire when looking for the experiences of other brides. Keep in mind that your venue will be your most valued expense, especially if you’re looking for perks like a waterfront view and excellent food and beverage options.


  • While some of you may be thinking that your dress should have precedence over your photographer, you’ve probably never seen bad wedding photos. A great photographer can make a $100 dress look
    View More:
    Tara Liebeck Photography

    like a $1,000 dress, and can make a rainy
    day look like a mystic scene from a Nicholas Sparks movie. Keep this in mind before you decide that a few mediocre shots of you and your new hubby will satisfy you on the happiest day of your life!


  • Whether you hire a DJ or band for your reception entertainment,
    make sure you do your homework on the best entertainment for your style of event. Ask other brides in the area who they booked, look up local reviews, or even search on YouTube to see them in action. Getting the best entertainment you can afford could even get grandma out on the dance floor!


  • Yes of course the dress made the list, but trust us when we say that the expenses listed above are 100x more important than having a designer dress. We can guarantee that you will remember having a great time because of the venue, entertainment, and amazing pictures to show from it, but when you look back ten years at your dress you’ll likely ask yourself what you were thinking!

    blush-neutral-lesner-inn-wedding-virginia-beach-wedding-photographer-photo-16-Amanda Hedgepeth
    Amanda Hedgepeth Photography


  • Your décor should not be what’s breaking the bank for your event.
    Here at the Lesner Inn we offer an assortment of complimentary linens for your tables, and after that it’s all about the centerpieces and place settings. Your overall cost for making the space look reception ready should be minimal, especially if the space is beautiful without all of the additional glitz and glamour.

If you don’t know what to tackle first in your quest for the perfect day, we highly suggest hiring a wedding planner. Check out our blog Do You Need a Wedding Planner? to find out if you should add this expense to the list!


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