Ways to Incorporate Loved Ones who Can’t Attend the Big Day

For a number of reasons, you may have a loved one who won’t be able to attend your wedding. Of course we wish they could be with us to share our happiness, but there are many ways to feel close to these loved ones on your special day. From small trinkets to sentimental dresses here are some of our most cherished ways to remember those who cannot attend.

Remembrance Charms

  • If you have a favorite picture of someone you deeply care about, have a small charm made and have it attached to your bouquet, shoes, or made into jewelry. You could even do cuff links for men!


  • Did your family have a special song that would get everybody on the dance floor? Dedicate a song to those family members who can’t attend, and invite the rest of your family in to participate in the fun!

Memory Table

  • Have a table dedicated to remembering those who you and your fiancé have lost. Display some pictures of your favorite memories with them, or even just a simple portrait of each individual.

Something Borrowed

  • Every bride needs something borrowed before she walks down the aisle, why not make it something that has great sentiment? If you
    View More: http://ashleylesterphoto.pass.us/the-lohman-wedding
    Photographed by Ashley Lester

    remember looking at your mother, aunt, grandmother, or even great grandmother’s wedding photos and thinking how beautiful they looked in their dress, see if they still have it. Some of the most beautiful wedding dresses we have seen have been restored to reflect a more modern time, while still being a piece to remember someone you care about. You could even do something as simple as choosing pieces of jewelry owned by a loved one.

Skype Them In

  • For those friends and family members who are unable to attend your wedding due to sickness, distance or deployments, have someone Skype them in for the ceremony or reception using a phone or tablet. There is a time and place for technology at a wedding but we definitely give this one the seal of approval.

We hope that all of your loved ones are able to attend your special day, but if not, smile and reflect on all of the wonderful memories you’ve shared!





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