Champagne Cocktails

Champagne and celebrations go hand in hand. Whether you’re celebrating a graduation, birthday, engagement or marriage, or even just the holidays there will likely be champagne involved. How you serve your champagne however, doesn’t have to be the same old cookie cutter way everyone else does! Here are our favorite ways to serve champagne for any celebration!


  • This mixture of vodka, champagne, and cranberry juice will spread some holiday cheer! Serve in your favorite styled glass with ice and an orange twist on top!

Mandarin Cocktail

  • This simple citrus concoction will have you ready to celebrate just about any occasion on a summer day. Just mix mandarin liqueur and champagne in a champagne flute and garnish with a clementine peel to get the party started!

Iced Toddy

  • If you like apple cider and bourbon then you’ll love this! A mixture of apple cider, bourbon, allspice dram, and champagne completes this fall favorite!


  • If you’re looking for a spin on a classic cocktail then the G&C is the perfect champagne cocktail for your celebration. Shake up some cranberries and a pinch of sugar with gin and lime juice and top it off with a splash of champagne!

Simply Sweet

  • If you love champagne, but are looking for a fun and creative way to dress it up, keep it simple by placing a stick of rock candy in a champagne flute. It adds just a bit of sweetness to the bitter tang of champagne!


  • For a fun and fresh cocktail just a bit of pear vodka, St. Germain, and champagne will do the trick! Garnish with a pear slice and you have a refreshing beverage to celebrate any occasion!
8R3A0373 - Colleen and Jason - Amanda Manupella
Photo credits: Amanda Manupella

Here at Lesner Inn, we love to hear whatever creative cocktails you can dream up. If you want to spice up your celebration, ask one of our event managers how we can make your dream cocktail happen at your scheduled event!

Happy holidays!


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