Tips to Keep your Little Helpers Calm

Angelique and Drew by Dustin Lewis 18
Dustin Lewis Photography

We’ve all been to those weddings where the flower girl can’t stand still and just wants to be with her mommy. Or the ring bearer can’t stop fiddling with his too trendy for a toddler suspenders once reaching the end of the aisle. These things can be distracting, and can take the focus off of your vows and the overall ambiance of the ceremony. Luckily, we’ve seen a thing or two, and have some of the best tips to keep all of your little helpers calm during your ceremony!

Start training early

  • While your bridal party may just need one rehearsal to get the routine down, your flower girl and ring bearer may need a little more training. Show them videos of other weddings to give them an example of how they are expected to act, or even throw a pretend wedding where they get to act out what they should be doing!

Make sure they’re comfortable

  • If a child doesn’t like the tutu or vest you dress them up in, they won’t hide their emotions. So, to prevent a half naked or crying child from walking down the aisle, try making them a part of choosing their attire. If you give them a choice, they will be much more willing to cooperate.

Give them a little something to keep them occupied

  • One of the best tips we’ve heard for flower girls at the Lesner Inn, is to put skittles or another of their favorite candies at the bottom of the basket. This gives them something to work for while they’re tossing the flowers, and keeps them occupied and willing to stand still during the ceremony!

Keep their parents close

  • For any of those shy or attached children, have their parents sitting towards the front so they don’t feel uncomfortable. A familiar face can always calm a child down!


  • After all, there will be cake at the reception 🙂

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