You CAN Have Your Cake and Eat it Too: Six 2016 Cake Trends

2016 is showing us at the Lesner Inn that the traditional buttercream frosting wedding cake is on its way out the door. While we still love the classic combinations of fruit-filled cakes with fluffy icing, there are some new kids on the cake table.

Sprinkle Cakes

Lesner Inn Weddings Virginia Beach sprinkle cake
Photo Credit Skylar Watt

One of the more popular trends coming in wedding cakes are sprinkles. Yes, the same thing that you coated your ice cream sundaes in as a kid. We first started seeing a rise in cakes that were coated in sprinkles like one of our fall brides did (pictured above). But now we are seeing more and more funfetti cakes (sprinkles on the inside) making their way onto plates. No one ever said funfetti was just for kids!


Dirty Iced Cakes

Not everyone is as crazy about icing as we are. And now there is a solution for you non-frosting folks. Dirty iced cakes! The name is weird but the concept is great. Instead of two coats of icing, bakeries stop after the crumb coat. In traditional cakes, the crumb coat serves to even the surface to smooth on your frosting – similar to what paint primer does for walls. Be on the lookout for these as they are becoming ever more popular among modern brides.



Single Layer Cakes

While cupcakes have been the hit of the decade, couples haven’t been able to take part in the time-honored tradition of cake cutting with these bite size sweets. Problem solved with single layer cakes. These small cakes allow you to still have the ceremonial slice without having the cost of a giant tiered cake.


Gold Leaf Accentsgold-leaf-wedding-cakes

Do you want a little bit of sparkle without going over the top? Gold leaf accents are topping many popular wedding cakes these days. This adds a bit of flair to your cake and is a nice change from fondant and flowers.



Photo credit



Reflect Your Personality

We were in love with this cake from one of Waterside Deck wedding this past winter. The bride surprised her husband – who is a Marvel maniac  –  with a cake to show both sides of their personality. He was blown away by this creation by Carolina Cupcakes.

Break Out of the Cake Box

No one ever said you HAD to have cake at your wedding. Colleen & Mark weren’t big cake people and neither were Ashley & Nick. Colleen opted for pies for her December wedding and Ashley brought specialty donuts to a whole new level with her Duck Doughnuts dessert table. She even got mini boxes of doughnuts for all of the vendors – a sweet treat that we thoroughly enjoyed!

There are so many different flavors, styles, and types of desserts you can choose from, that it’s easy to get bogged down. Don’t let it stress you out though! In the end, pick whatever appeals to your sweet tooth. As far as everyone else goes, listen to Marie Antoinette…let them eat cake!


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