Trending in Weddings: Lively Libations

Whether or not you’re serving alcoholic beverages at your wedding, there are so many up and coming trends with beverages that we hope you consider while planning your wedding at the Lesner Inn!  From the ceremony to cocktail hour and cocktail hour to the reception, here are our favorite trends for wedding libations!


We love the idea of serving beverages during the ceremony, especially on a hot summer day!  Keep your guests refreshed with a glass of iced tea, lemonade, or infused water while they sit on our Sunset Deck waiting to greet the bride!

Or, for winter weddings, provide your guests with a mug of hot cocoa while they keep warm in our heated Waterside Deck!

Cocktail Hour

Also trending in weddings is having multiple signature drinks during cocktail hour (and in some cases for the whole evening) rather than just one or two!  Signature drinks are a fun way to provide your guests with beverage options they may have never tried before!  It will remind them of your wedding every time they order it at their local bar!

Lesner-Inn-Weddings-Virginia-Beach-Specialty-DrinksHeather Hughes Photography

Another huge trend is having scotch & bourbon tastings during cocktail hour!  Instead of just mingling around cocktail tables, your guests can pretend like they’re actually learning about fancy scotch and bourbon!


When your guests migrate upstairs for the main meal, have wine brought to the table!  One bottle of red, and one bottle of white will keep the class at an all-time high during dinner service!

Once the party really begins, show off your hometown by stocking the bar with local beer and wine during the dancing and entertainment!

lesner-inn-virginia-beach-weddings-beveragesRoss Costanza Photography

Try adding sangria to any of these essential portions of your wedding day!  It can be made for any season, and is such a refreshing libation at any time of day!

Ask one of our sales managers how we can create the perfect beverage menu for your event by contacting us at or at 757-481-1122!


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