Because 3 Days are Better Than One

How often have you heard “it’s over before you know it” or “the night flew by” from recently married couples?  After months or even years of planning, the happiest day of your life can turn into the quickest day of your life.  But, if you’re smart, you plan to keep the party going!  These days, wedding celebrations don’t last just one day… they go on for an entire weekend.  Because three (or in this case, 4) days are better than one. As someone who’s attended many of these weekend long celebrations, let me tell you, they’re super fun and definitely a great idea for when you have a lot of out-of-town guests.  By having this weekend of fun, you’re giving all of your out-of-town family and friends who came all the way out to celebrate with you a chance to see you for more than just for a brief hello, and thank you for coming!  Here’s the break down for your weekend wedding celebration!

Thursday night – The Welcome Party:

This is most often hosted by someone in the bridal party, a family friend, or someone in your extended family. Either way, it’s a party to welcome all out-of-town guests, and get everyone pumped up for the weekend fun. They can be as casual as a backyard cookout, or a meet & greet at a restaurant or bar.

back deck wedding virginia beach

Friday night – The Rehearsal Dinner:Bubba's rehearsal dinner virginia beach

The rehearsal dinner is typically the night before the wedding, but the location and vibe of this gathering can range from casual to classy.  We’ve had couples hold this at their home with a simple home cooked meal, or get together at a restaurant to keep it stress free!  Consider holding your rehearsal dinner at Bubba’s, a Virginia Beach local favorite for seafood!

Saturday Night – Ceremony & Reception:

It’s show time!  Say “I do” with a view in either of our beautiful spaces on the water – Lesner Hall & Sunset Deck or Waterside Deck!


Dustin Lewis Photography

Sunday – The Next-Day Brunch:

A next-day brunch is a great time for the bride & groom to say their thank you’s & farewells again before they jet set on their honeymoon.  Not to mention, it’s a great way to cure that hangover with some mimosas or bloody marys!

Back deck brunch wedding

We know that planning a whole weekend of entertainment sounds stressful, but, we’ve got you covered!  The Lesner Inn has packages if you book your wedding weekend with us! You could have your Rehearsal Dinner at Bubba’s, followed by your Ceremony & Reception at The Lesner Inn, & your next-day brunch at The Back Deck.   We offer 5% off your food items for both Bubba’s & The Back Deck – and would discount your room rental at The Lesner Inn!

For more information, contact a Lesner Inn sales manager at (757) 481-1122 or by email at!


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