Invitation Education

Did you just get engaged? How many people have already asked you when the big day is? From day one of your engagement, you will be answering question after question from friends and family. And once the invitations go out, prepare for more questions. Here are some tips to take into consideration when creating your invites.

What are we supposed to wear?

This is the question that many guests struggle over. Is it a sundress and sport coat afternoon? Or a black tie affair? There are a few ways to address this concern in your invitation. The easiest way is to indicate the attire on the bottom of your invitation. A simple “black tie attire”, “casual attire”, or “cocktail attire” will do the trick. A quick Google search will give you a wide selection of phrases to pick from.

But for the bride who does not want to clutter her invitation with lots of words, there are more subtle ways to get the message across. Darker colors are more formal than light pastels, thicker invitations are more formal than thinner. Make sure your font reflects the overall atmosphere too. If you are having more of a laid back wedding, stay away from flowing scripts and calligraphy.

When am I getting my invitation?

Typically guests should expect a save the date 6-9 months before the wedding (even sooner than that if it is a destination wedding) and the formal invitation 2-3 month prior. Lesner Inn requires a final guest count 2 weeks before the wedding so make sure you build in enough time to call guests who have not RSVPed yet! 3 weeks away from the wedding is usually a safe bet.

What do we need to include with the invitation?

This is up to you. We have seen invitations that are as simple as a time, date, and place and some that have multiple cards stuffed into the envelope. At bare minimum, include an RSVP card along with pre-addressed and pre-stamped envelope. It is a small gesture but it goes a long way in making sure your guests send those cards back promptly. If you are having a plated meal with more than one entrée, make sure to allow space for menu selections.

Can my boyfriend come too? Are my kids invited?

This is always a question that brides ask us. When making your guest list, consider that some people may have plus ones and others may not. If your guest does not know anyone else at the wedding but you and your S.O., consider giving them a plus one. The same goes for married or engaged couples, they typically will expect a plus one. As far as boyfriends or girlfriends or wedding dates, that is completely up to you! This is your wedding.

The kid issue is always hard to address as well. If you are inviting the whole family, address the invitation to ‘The Johnson Family’. If you do want their kids to attend, simply address is to “Mr. & Mrs. John Johnson”. Some brides will even make a polite request that their wedding be an adult-only affair.

What is your wedding website?

In the past few years, we have seen a HUGE increase in couples with wedding websites. For non-millenials, it may seem a little silly but wedding websites are a great way to present guests with information instead of answering text message after text message. You can include your registry, ceremony info, hotel blocks, and a little more information about the bride and groom. Many guests enjoy getting to know your significant other before watching you walk down the aisle to a stranger. Give them some fun facts so they get to know your loved one a little better.

But how do you tell guests about this? You can publicize it on your Facebook, include it on your save the date or even send a small card with the website in your invitation envelope.

More questions? Talk to your stationary company! We guarantee they have heard every question in the book!


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