I RSVP’d No, Now What?

The invitations have been mailed, and you were invited to the wedding of the year at the Lesner Inn. Looking at your calendar, you realize that you are unable to attend, and will have to RSVP “No” to the happy couple. Now what? You’re probably wondering whether or not you’re supposed to send a gift to the bride and groom. Well, stop your wondering, because we’ve found the answer.

Although every situation is different, we believe it is always best to send the couple a wedding gift. A couple planning their wedding is usually limited to the people they invite. You received an invitation because they truly wanted you to come and witness their special day. It never hurts to send something to acknowledge the relationship that the couple has with you, and values enough to invite you to witness them say “I do”.

Depending on the relationship between you and the couple, there are so many options of things to send. When returning an RSVP card, a handwritten note congratulating the couple is a touching way to acknowledge their special day. If you aren’t planning on sending a gift from the registry, tucking in a gift card to their favorite restaurant or a store on their registry is a nice touch.

If you’re planning on buying them a gift, start the search after you return your RSVP card. Although late is better than never, it’s best to have the gift to the couple by the wedding day or very soon after. As for the gift, it’s customary to buy something directly off the registry. Another common trend has been giving money for a Honeymoon Fund. Whatever it is, know that the couple will greatly appreciate your gift no matter if it’s modest or grandeur.


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