Fun Surprises to Keep your Guests Guessing

As a guest at a wedding, you will see the same traditions at almost every wedding you attend. Once you’ve seen one wedding, you’ve seen them all right? Wrong! If you want to keep your guests guessing at your traditional wedding, without the same boring traditions, here are a few tips!

1) The processional
While we love watching flower girls timidly make their way down the aisle, there’s

Dustin Lewis Photography

something about sending grandparents down the aisle that brings a huge smile across our faces!

2) The vows
We love when couples write their own vows! There is so much more meaning to your words when they are original, and come from the experiences you’ve shared together!

3) The announcements
When the grandparents have been seated and your vows have been said, your bridal party will be ready to take the stage and be announced to the reception hall. Typically, bridal party announcements will occur in pairs or, in some cases, awkward groups of three. However many people you have in your bridal party, why not choreograph a dance with the whole group!?

4) The garter
The tradition of the groom removing the garter from under the bride’s dress is just as awkward for your audience as it is for you, so why not roll with the awkwardness and make it comical!? We loved this doctor routine this groom pulled off with his groomsmen while finding his bride’s garter!

Melody Gillikin Photography

5) The bouquet & garter recipients
Possibly even more awkward than the groom removing the garter from under the bride’s dress, is the poor soul who has to take the garter and place it under a potential stranger’s dress. Instead of following tradition, why not reverse rolls and have the woman place the garter on a man’s leg? It eliminates the awkwardness and makes it a fun joke instead!

6) After dinner entertainment
For all of the karaoke bar goers out there, why not bring the fun right to your reception? Have your DJ provide everything you need for some late night karaoke once all of your guests are out of cool dance moves!

Heather Hughes Photography

We love seeing people go above and beyond at their Lesner Inn weddings to show their guests, and us, that they know how to have fun! When thinking about your wedding traditions, don’t forget to mix it up with some of these fun surprises!


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