You’re the glaze to my donut <3

Virginia Beach Wedding.jpg

{Dustin Lewis Photography}

So…not sure if you all know, but today is June 3rd, which is a kind of BIG day in the world of dessert lovers.  It’s National Donut Day. So if you are as dessert & donut crazy as we are (and there’s no shame in that), we hope you enjoy today’s blog with a mouth full of your favorite donut(s).

While the traditional wedding cake has not been completely replaced, alternatives have paved their way into the wedding dessert industry.  Many couples forego the formality and cost of a traditional 3 or 4 tier wedding cake and opt for a fun, lighthearted and delicious dessert substitute – like a tower of homemade powdered or glazed donuts – instead.  While the donut tower may seem unconventional, it’s a unique way to set your special day apart from the rest, and it still amuses the bouche.

lesner inn weddings in virginia beach.jpg

While the bride (or groom) may want the traditional wedding cake and/or cake cutting experience, but the groom (or bride) yearns for the donut finale… don’t fret! Compromise is KEY in marriage. Top your donut cake with a top tier. This way, you get to enjoy the best of both worlds and still get the cake cutting photographs 🙂

lesner inn hampton roads wedding.jpg

You DO-NUT say no to a donut to-go!  At The Lesner Inn, we’ve seen donuts as a favor on a number of occasions. It’s such a great idea!  After a night filled with eating and drinking, there’s nothing better to end your night or start your morning with than a sweet treat. PS. How cute is the sign and the set up?! Je l’adore!


Nick and Ashley - Dusin Lewis Photos 25.jpg

{Dustin Lewis Photography}

Donuts are quite the crowd pleaser. Guests (& vendors) are always happy when they get to indulge.  Check out Danny (Astro DJ) & Dustin Lewis (photographer) enjoying some Duck Donuts with the new Mr. & Mrs. Binkowski, at their wedding at The Lesner Inn in October! I mean, you don’t need to twist our arms. We will never turn down a donut (especially not one from Duck Donuts!

Lesner Inn Virginia Beach Wedding.jpg

{Dustin Lewis Photography}

NO, thank YOU. After all, you are the glaze to my donut 😉


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