Tips for the Perfect Centerpieces

Centerpieces can really make or break the overall look of your wedding. They are the missing piece that pulls your color scheme, table linens, and overall theme together for your reception! Although there’s no limit to what your centerpieces can be, we do have some suggestions to help create a memorable night and amazing atmosphere for you and your guests.

Lynnhaven Pillar with Rafia

$15 Lynnhaven Pillar

Stay within your Budget. Set a budget for how much you want your centerpieces to cost per table. Whether you’re renting through the Lesner Inn or a third party company, this will help you save money on your overall wedding costs. Making a budget for your centerpieces will also help you figure out if it’s worth it to try some DIY ideas for your wedding!

Keep It Simple. Centerpieces shouldn’t distract your guests from why they are at your wedding. They are there to add to the atmosphere and theme you’ve created!Limit your colors and the amount of decorations on the table to keep your centerpieces from being too busy. Your centerpieces should reflect your personality, but if there is too much going on, your guests may get detracted.

$15 Rustic Lantern: optional seashells, starfish, and netting

Don’t Obstruct Your Guests’ View. Between speeches, cutting the cake, first dances and other traditions, there are so many special moments that your guests don’t want to miss. You also don’t want to discourage conversation because your guests can’t see across the table. Consider having small centerpieces that fall below eye level or tall skinny designs above eye level. When in doubt, test out your centerpieces at your own dining room table to see if they block your view!

Add Light. If your wedding reception is at night, adding tea lights and candles will create a new dynamic to your centerpieces. It will also add to the atmosphere of the room as the sun goes down outside. If your centerpieces are water-based, floating candles can be a great addition too!


Lesner Inn Floating Candles with table number
$15 Floating Candles: choice of accent gem of clear, white, light blue, dark blue, red or sea glass (table number and mirror tile not included)
Lesner Inn Hurrican Globe
$15 Hurricane Globe: optional seashells, starfish, netting and previously burned candle || Melody Gillikin Photography

Know Your Space. Although there are a couple options for table sizes, our standard table is an eight foot round table. Once you have your table set, there’s limited space for your centerpieces before your guests feel too crowded.Your guests will be at their table for a good portion of the night, so you want them to feel comfortable the entire time! With our tables, it’s a good idea to keep your centerpieces around one square foot to reduce overcrowding.

When in doubt, leave it up to us here at the Lesner Inn! We have beautiful options to decorate your tables, with the option of mixing and matching some of your favorites. All of our centerpieces are simple, include light, and are the perfect size to not crowd guests or obstruct their views. For an additional cost, we can also add either silver or gold table numbers for assigned seating.Whatever you choose, don’t hesitate to ask your event manager for our opinions; we all have even more detailed ideas on how to create the perfect centerpieces!


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