Fall Weddings on the Water

Summer may be cooling down, but wedding season is heating up. Fall weddings are becoming more and more popular with brides and grooms. Although most people think of barn weddings for the fall, having a fall wedding on the water offers so many great benefits for the bride, the groom, and their guests. Considering the gorgeous views and added benefits of our venue, having a fall wedding at the Lesner Inn just makes sense!

Both of our spaces are perfect for a wedding in any season, but fall can be especially beautiful! Our Lesner Hall is designed with neutral colors, allowing couples to use linens, uplighting, centerpieces and more, to completely transform the space into the perfect fall inspired reception. With the Lesner Hall comes our beautiful outdoor Sunset Deck, which allows your guests to enjoy the cool fall breeze on the water. Our Waterside Deck is a more casual space with romantic lighting from paper lanterns and twinkle lights, and rustic floorboards. With just a few fall-themed decorations, you can really enhance the overall atmosphere of the room for your event. Opening the deck’s windows will also bring in the crisp fall air as your guests dance the night away!

Ross Costanza Photography

Thinking of fall makes us all excited for the savory, comfort food that comes with it. Working with our chef, you can offer your guests your perfect fall feast!  An additional fun idea would be to add a candy bar at the end of the night, transporting your guests back to one of the best fall holidays, Halloween. Another fall food addition would be to offer pie instead of wedding cake! Nothing says “fall” more than a homemade apple or pumpkin pie, except maybe candy apples!

FullSizeRender (1)
Kinstler Photography

Fall weather can be great with warm days and cool nights, but it also comes with some pretty unpredictable weather. Although hurricane season can cause some problems in the Hampton Roads area, the Lesner Inn offers the perfect mix between an indoor and outdoor venue for you and your guests. We won’t let the rain ruin your perfect day!

Another fun fall addition can be at your wedding’s bar! Consider adding some fall signature drinks to the menu for your guests. Although our bartenders can make any classic drink from our house and premium liquors, work with your event managers to offer some great fall beverages. Consider offering Spiced Rum with Apple Cider or even an Apple Cider Mimosa! Another great addition for guests of all ages would be a Hot Chocolate bar. These small additions can really emphasize your overall fall theme!

If you’re having trouble decorating, we have some great rental items to create the perfect fall look. First, choose from our table linens to bring in your fall color scheme. Between our house and specialty linens, you can choose from over 70 colors! With gold being a very popular fall color, consider renting our gold Chivari Chairs for an added pop of shimmer on your wedding day. For centerpieces, our rustic lanterns will offer the perfect fall flair. Add an autumn twist to our floating candles by adding small branches to the vase! We offer so many great items to rent; we’d love to help you select the perfect ones for your wedding night.

Kinstler Photography

If you’re looking for the perfect fall wedding venue, you’ve found it at the Lesner Inn! Between our venue spaces, food and beverage options, and centerpieces to decorate with, we can help make all of your fall wedding Pinterest board dreams come true!


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