Why We’re Obsessed With Cupcakes

It’s safe to say that here at the Lesner Inn, we have a sweet tooth that will just never be satisfied. So many cakes and desserts have come through our building, and we definitely have our favorites. Looking back on all the weddings, we’ve come to the conclusion that we’re absolutely obsessed with having cupcakes at your wedding reception!

5. You Can Still Cut the Cake. Cutting your wedding cake is such a fun tradition that makes for great pictures! While your guests enjoy their cupcakes, order a small cake for you and your new spouse to cut into. You definitely don’t have to pass up this tradition just because you wanted to serve cupcakes. Work with your baker to get the best price for what you need and want on your wedding day!

4. Order to Match Your Guest Count. Although bakeries can tell you how much cake to order for your guest count, there’s a good chance you will have lots of cake left over. Cupcakes allow you to order perfectly for the amount of people that are attending your wedding. You will most likely only need one cupcake per guest. This also allows you to save money and eliminate post wedding waste.

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Luke and Ashley Photography

3. Offer Guests a Variety of Flavors. With a traditional cake, you usually only offer three to four different flavors of cake, because there typically aren’t more than four tiers. With cupcakes, the options are endless! You can create cake and filling combinations that reflect different events in your life. You can also frost your cupcakes with different colors to match your color scheme. Just remember, if you offering more non-traditional flavors, order some extra cupcakes so your guests can enjoy and try the flavor they want!

2. Easy for Your Guests. Offering cupcakes makes everything so easy for your guests! First, depending on how you display them, this is the quickest way to serve dessert to your guests. Cupcakes are also easy to eat! Since a lot of guests will be making their

David Champagne Photography

way to the dance floor, they’ll be able to bring their cupcake along without worrying about making a mess.

1. Many Different Display Options. A classic cake can really only be displayed one way, but not cupcakes! You can display them on a cupcake tier, on your cake table, or at each of your guest’s place settings. There are so many different types of cupcakes tiers and ways to display them at your guest’s seats; the possibilities are endless!


Cupcakes are such a fun, chic option for your wedding day! They really make everything easier for you and your guests. If you think your guests might end up being full from all the delicious food you offered for dinner, you can offer them packaged cupcakes to take home after the reception, too. Between the variety of flavor options, fun display arrangements, and added ease to your wedding planning, you really can’t go wrong! Plus, who doesn’t love a good cupcake?



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