Unique Guest Book Ideas

On a day that is all about the bride and groom, your wedding guests are the ones who truly make the day so memorable. Having all your family and friends celebrating with you on your special day is something that you will never forget. The days of just making every guest sign his or her name in a book are long gone, so having a fun and unique way to remember every person that was at your big day is so important! Here, at Lesner Inn, we have seen so many cute and creative ways to have your guests “sign in” so no one is forgotten.

1. Having guests sign bottles of wine
For all our wine lovers out there this is perfect on so many levels! You and your fiancé can pick out a few bottles of wine to have each guest sign and write a note on with sharpies. Picking out the wine together will be a fun distraction from the stresses of wedding planning! You can either keep it simple and choose your favorite go-to bottles of wine, or pick out bottles that have a name or label that may be meaningful to you as a couple! You can then open each bottle on your one, three, and five year anniversaries and reminisce on memories with your guests on your big day while you sip on a nice glass of wine.


2. Jenga Pieces
This creative idea is great for our newlyweds with a love for game night! Jenga is a great game to put out for entertainment while friends and family are over. Getting all your guests to sign or write a note on a piece will make it special every time you play!

3. Shake it like a Polaroid picture
Who doesn’t like a fun selfie?! With this guest book idea you really get to see each guest’s personality! All you have to do it set up an area with a Polaroid camera and let the selfies begin!

4. Advice Coasters
Another fun way to remember all your guests on your big day would be to have specialty coasters made with a spot for your guest to give you some newlywed advice and then sign their name. This is such a fun idea because whenever you are enjoying a cold beverage you can read over all the fun advice that all your friends and family wrote!

These four “guest book” ideas are some of our favorites that we have seen from past weddings. On your big day having small touches such as a unique guest book can make it so memorable for your guests!


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