Having Your Furry Friend Part of Your Big Day

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Having all of your friends there to support you on your wedding day is something that is so important to couples, so why leave out your best friend – your dog?  We have seen numerous adorable ways to incorporate your furry pup into your special day that we love! Having your dog as a part of your wedding will not only be a memory for you and your guests, but your dog will be so happy to be with you and a part of the action!

  1. Save The Date

Having your dog as an extra model in your save the date announcements is a sweet way to include them for everyone to see.  This is a great idea for the couples that do not necessarily want their pet at the venue during the wedding or for the furry friends that might not have the best manners in public.

  1. Flower Girl

This is the most common way we see couples including their pet but also one of the cutest! Having your dog walk down the aisle instead of a typical flower girl is something that makes your wedding stand out. But if you already have a flower girl in mind your dog could always be a flower girl escort and have the flower girl walk them down the aisle. Make sure to have your dog dressed for the part with extra flowers from the bouquets!


  1. Ring Bearer

If you have a male dog and don’t want to make them the flower dog this is another great way to have your dog play an important role in your wedding. For this you can also have the flower girl walk them down the aisle, just make sure the rings are tied tight to the dog’s collar!

  1. From Our Pup to Yours

Having dog biscuits as extra wedding favors for guests that also have a furry friend at home is a cute detail for your fellow dog lovers. It is also super easy to either make the dog treats or just buy treats and wrap them up for guests to take home with them.

However you decide to make your furry friend part of your big day make sure to have a trusted friend in charge of your pup and to take home at a certain time in the night to make sure you and your new spouse can focus on all the fun!


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