Why Having a Videographer at your Wedding is a Must!

One of the vendors people put the most time and thought into selecting while planning their wedding is the photographer. It is SO important to make sure you have a photographer that you love for your wedding, but why stop there? We have seen more and more couples bring in a videographer for their big day as well! Some people may wonder if a photographer and videographer is necessary, but we’re here to tell you why having both is so important to reliving your wedding at Lesner Inn!

  1. Getting to see it in action
Kelley Stinson Photography

Having still shots of all the different events happening during your big day is great, but having someone record every moment will bring everything to life. You get to actually see the guest’s tears while you say your vows and see all of the laughs during the reception.  Having a video of all of the highlights from your big day will allow you to relive your wedding day over and over again!



  1. You can’t be everywhere at once

You may have some serious FOMO on your wedding day seeing how busy you will be with those pesky reception traditions, taking photos on our Sunset Deck, and going around thanking your guests.  This is why having a videographer there to capture all of the moments you miss is a necessity!There will be so many fun dances, conversations, and smiles being shared between guests and having a video of it all will make you feel like you were everywhere at once during your special day!


  1. For people who couldn’t make it to your wedding

    Daisy Torres Photography

Unfortunately there will be guests that you invited who, for whatever reason, couldn’t make it to your wedding.Having a videographer to capture all of the precious moments your friends and family would have wanted to see is a great way to make these guests feel included! You could even make them copies of the video as a little gift to show them you missed their presence!


  1. One video instead of hundreds of pictures
View More: http://lukeandashleyphotography.pass.us/david--amanda
Luke and Ashley Photography

A huge plus of having a videographer is that you have one video to share with all of your friends and family instead of having to upload hundreds of photos! It is also super easy for any of your followers to share, or for you to send to others through email!


Don’t get me wrong photographs are a necessity to have from your wedding, but hiring a videographer allows you and your loved ones to truly relive your special day on the Lynnhaven River as many times as you want! So when you start to plan your big day, we suggest looking into having a videographer there to capture every moment!



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