Very Superstitious

The first look has become a popular addition to the modern day wedding ritual. Couples are loving the idea of having a private meeting with their soon to be newlywed before the ceremony so that they have a chance to be alone before being surrounded by adoring family and friends! At Lesner Inn, we love seeing these sweet first looks shared between couples, and here are some reasons why you should forget about the age old superstitions about seeing your soon to be spouse before hitting the aisle:

Get your tears out without an audience

Lesner Inn Wedding Dustin Lewis Kelsey and Blaine 4.jpg
Dustin Lewis Photography

The moment of seeing your significant other on your wedding day can be a very emotional time. By doing a first look before your ceremony, it can help cut back on those pesky tears that come with seeing each other as you walk down the aisle. If you’re an ugly crier like I am, this is definitely something to consider! Nobody likes to remember a red face and raccoon eyes when looking back at their ceremony photos!

Enjoy a private moment

Melody Gilkin Photography

Your wedding day can be a very hectic day for you and your fiancé. Taking the time to spend a moment together before all the chaos starts can take away some of the nerves of walking down the aisle. This entire day, that took months of planning and long nights deciding between the hazelnut or pale dogwood for your color scheme, is all about you as a couple. That being said, it is necessary to be a little selfish and take some time to just be together and really embrace that you’re about the spend the rest of your life with the love of your life!

Get planned photos over with

Petruzzo Photography - Waterfront Wedding- Hampton Roads - Same Sex Marriage - Lesner Inn.jpg
Petruzzo Photography

Another major plus of having a first look is that you can take a lot of your planned photos with the whole bridal party before the ceremony instead of cramming them all in during cocktail hour. Usually the couple are MIA during cocktail hour, but being able to do most of your portrait pictures earlier allows you to mingle with all your guests before the reception ensuring you have time to have a moment with every guest. Wedding days are packed full of numerous things to do so getting pictures out of the way before all of the events start really helps to keep your timeline on track.

Lesner Inn fully supports breaking tradition! Every wedding and reception we see at our waterfront venue brings something new and exciting along with it that turns into a story we get to tell our future couples! When it comes to the tradition of not seeing your soon to be spouse before the wedding, we say BREAK IT!


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