Cost Saving Tips for Your Lesner Inn Wedding

It’s no secret that a wedding is a large & worthwhile investment! Between all of your vendors, food and drinks, décor, and favors it doesn’t seem like you have much room left for a honeymoon fund. Thankfully, there are so many ways to save money while still having your dream wedding at Lesner Inn! Details like centerpieces, desserts, or even the time of day or month of the year that you get married at Lesner Inn are all key ways to keep more of that green in your pocket, instead of your vendor’s.

Florals & candles - Beth Hamilton Photography.jpgFloral Arrangements

One of the first and easiest ways to save money is by talking to your florist! People don’t realize how big of a dent floral arrangements can make in a budget, but using flowers that are in season for your wedding is one of the easiest ways to minimize that cost! Another great way to save money on florals is by using more greenery in your arrangements! Not only will you be saving money by using more greens in your arrangements, but you’ll also be a part of one of the biggest trends for 2017 weddings! So when talking to your florist, make it all about the greenery with hints of your favorite in-season florals for your wedding!
Beth Hamilton Photography



Another great way to save money is by being realistic with your cake. Skip having the multi-tiered cake and opt for a smaller cake to be used for the traditional cake cutting. You then can do something simple like a sheet cake, cupcakes, cookies, or even donuts as dessert for your guests! You are still able to celebrate the traditional cake cutting ceremony, while giving your guests the option of more than just the traditional almond cake.
Hope Everlasting Photography

Military Couples

Virginia Beach is a huge area for military couples, so of course we here at Lesner Inn offer a military discount to thank you for your service! Plenty of other vendors will offer some sort of military discount as well, and all you have to do is ask!


Time of Year

They say timing is everything, so when trying to cut back wedding costs think off season! Here at Lesner Inn, off peak months are January, February, March, and November. Couples often choose their wedding date based off of the weather, but what is the real difference between October & November, or March & April? You may be saving a few degrees, but in the end we live in one of the most temperamental areas in Virginia and the most beautiful day of the year could end up being in one of our off-peak months!

ODonnel.Skalak Sunset Photo - Mike Topham Photography.jpg

Mike Topham Photography

Day of the Week

With any venue you look at, hosting a wedding on a Saturday evening will always be the highest cost. Naturally, it is the most popular day of the week to get married because of friends and family who will need to travel to make it to the event. But, if you and your closest family and friends are local, having your wedding on a Friday or Sunday, or even a week day, can greatly decrease your estimated cost!

Daytime VS. Evening

Most couples prefer having an evening wedding, but by adjusting the time of day of your wedding you could save big bucks! This also depends on your estimated guest count and the menus you choose though. If you don’t have a preference on the date and time of your wedding, and are on a budget, a great way to select the date and time of day is by first selecting your menu for food & beverages.  Once you find out how much you are estimated to spend on food & beverage, contact one of our sales managers at to see what season and time of day would work best to keep you at the lowest estimated cost.


Amanda Robbins Photography

Lesner Inn Weddings

Choosing Lesner Inn as your wedding venue is another huge cost, and headache, saver. McAloon.Haas - Luke & Ashley Photography.jpgWe offer either ceremonies and receptions, or just receptions if that is what you prefer. All of our packages include tables, chairs, china, glassware, flatware, use of the space for a minimum of three hours, and linens! Some of our packages even include table décor like chargers, centerpieces, table numbers, and more! This saves you the time and energy that it takes to find vendors to provide all of these things, as well as the cost of having them come to set it all up on your wedding day!
Luke & Ashley Photography

These are some easy ways to cut back on wedding expenses, but there are so many other ways to save money while planning your big day. Think outside of the box and be open to other options while making wedding decisions and you’ll be surprised how much money you can save!


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