2016 Wedding Flower Trends

Well, it’s national floral design day and we’re turning to the top florists to predict what trends we will be seeing at the Lesner Inn in 2016! Our venue has seen over a decade of flower trends come through the doors. From the classic calla lilly to brooch bouquets, we’ve seen it all. With that said, we are REALLY excited to see what 2016 has in store. Want to know what top florists are predicting the trends of this year to be? We have you covered.

Seasonal and Wild Blooms

With the recent push for farm to table, we aren’t surprised at all by this prediction. In the past, brides often met with the florists with a specific idea of what they wanted in their bouquet. We would see sunflowers in December and tulips in the fall – no matter the season, we saw every type of flower. Greenhouses now allow florists to grow almost any flower at any time. But is this really what people still want? We are seeing a rise in seasonal and wild bouquets and florists are saying the same thing. Modern brides want locally raised flowers and untamed arrangements. Keep an eye out for a more natural look this year. Lots of ferns, woodland inspired bunches, and light greens will be more in demand. Not sure what is in season during your wedding? Check out our chart below to see what flowers are available.

Flowers by Season

Straying Away From the Round

No more bulbous bouquets, brides want free flowing flowers. Florists predict that there will be many more cascading bouquets coming down the aisle in 2016. Arching branches, sprigs of herbs and flowing ribbons are all the rage right now.

Angelique and Drew by Dustin Lewis 48
Dustin Lewis Photography

In addition to breaking away from round bouquets, brides are also breaking away from the traditional round guest table. Family style dining on long farm tables, elegant king tables and banquet style guest seating are asked for all the time. Interested? Lesner Inn has rental tables that fit perfectly with this trend. Sprawling table garlands top these off nicely. Check out Isha Foss’s creation in the Lesner Hall for Angelique and Drew’s October wedding below.

Angelique and Drew by Dustin Lewis 73
Dustin Lewis Photography

You Can Look and You Can Eat?

The door is opening for more than flowers. Plants, herbs, berries and fruits are starting to make an appearance in today’s arrangements. While we don’t think walking down the aisle with a cornucopia of fruit is trending quite yet, small touches of berries, mint, petite fruits and rosemary are definitely on the up and up.

A Walk in the Woods

Guest tables with small potted trees, ferns and succulents are a great way to bring in natural elements without breaking the floral budget. Autumn and Matt’s September Waterside Deck wedding showed us that in the best of ways with their Sherwood Forrest theme. What a cool way to incorporate apples, moss and bare trees! The bride and groom saved some cash by purchasing all of their supplies from Chesapeake Wholesale Flower Market and with the help of Cherry Blossom Planning Factory, created these awesome accents for their reception


For brides who want a more subtle wooded look, look at what Ashley and Nick did for their fall wedding. Kelly Gish Floral Designs hit this nail on the head with their centerpiece creations. We love the driftwood branch used to stage the flowers and greens. What a neat way to tie in surf and turf!


Well, there they are! We are looking forward to seeing all of these on our tables this upcoming year and getting to work with such awesome floral designers again.


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