Bad Weather on your Big Day

rainy-wedding-day-photoYou’ve spent months planning a wedding under the sun and the forecast says 100% rain. While the thought of rain paired with a side of mud, mayhem, frizzy hair, wet feet, and runny mascara seems like enough to call the whole thing off, don’t do it! Before you lose your marbles, fear not… Rain on your wedding day is actually good luck!! Whether or not you have wedding planners to help you get through the day, you will have a team of experts at The Lesner Inn who understand that the show must go on, rain or shine!

Here are a few savvy tips we’ve come up with for handling a wedding beneath the stormy skies:

  • ALWAYS HAVE A PLAN B: Don’t put your eggs all in one basket – especially when it comes to planning your wedding. Always prepare for the worst case scenarios. At The Lesner Inn, we should prepare for a back-up ceremony (if you choose to do your ceremony on the Sunset Deck). But because we are a waterfront venue and located right across the street from Chick’s Beach (which is popular for wedding portraits), we also suggest preparing a back-up plan for your portraits.
  • GIFT YOUR GUESTS: We think it’s such a cute idea to use the weather as a creative way to gift your guests. Just last weekend, one of our Lesner Inn brides decided to use umbrellas as her wedding favor after the weather took a turn for the worst! & the guests sure did appreciate it!
  • ACCESSORIZE: Don’t let the weather ruin all of your fun. Take this chance to accessorize – cute rain boats & matching umbrellas? #iloverainyweddings
  • ALTERNATIVE ROUTES: In case your guests aren’t familiar with the area, provide back up plans for your guests too! In case there is an accident, or bad traffic, provide them with alternate routes to our venue. You still want to make sure they are on time to your ceremony.

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